Rep. Ford to Host Press Conference Saturday at Illinois-Indiana Border to Encourage Neighboring States to Help Stop Illegal Gun Sales

LaShawn K. Ford

State Rep. La Shawn K. Ford, D-Chicago, will join Pastor Anthony W. Williams at the Illinois-Indiana border at noon Saturday in Calumet City to discuss efforts to halt the flow of illegal guns into Illinois.

“While we may have stricter rules in place for gun purchases in Chicago and the surrounding area, it’s not too difficult to cross the border into Indiana and buy guns where the rules are more relaxed,” Ford said. “As we continue to witness the tragic consequences of gun violence here in Illinois, we have to explore options to work in partnership with Indiana to stop the flow of guns into our state.”

Ford, who was appointed chair of the House Firearm Public Awareness Task Force by Speaker Michael Madigan, D-Chicago, is calling on lawmakers and the governor to work together to enact stricter laws on straw sales of firearms, as well as working with Indiana to end gun trafficking into Illinois. Illinois has been a leader in efforts to create gun dealer licensing, and Ford is encouraging the governor to call on neighboring states to join a compact to share information on gun movement.

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Who: State Rep. La Shawn K. Ford, Chair of Illinois House Firearm Public Awareness Task Force; Pastor Anthony W. Williams

What: Press conference on efforts to encourage neighboring states to join Illinois efforts to stop illegal gun sales

When: Saturday, July 11; noon

Where: Intersection of Sibley Blvd. and State Line Rd., Calumet City

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  1. Messrs. Ford and Williams have studied the Bible, which contains murder. Cain murdered Abel. David murdered Goliath and Uriah. Despite God saying no murders, those and other murders occurred, via free will.

    I bet, Messrs. Ford and Williams studied history too. Prohibition outlawed public sale of alcohol (1920-1933). Thumbing their noses at the law, people found ways to drink alcohol, including making it in their bathtubs. Some went blind from it. Again, this was free will. (@_@)

    Looking further at history, many gun laws have been passed, but have failed. Evil murdeers are still murdering. Again, free will. ヽ((◎д◎))ゝ

    Instead of focusing on guns, it’s time to focus in evil murderers. Since jail isn’t a deterrent and prisoners are released, because of racism and COVID-19, then it’s time for a change. \(◎o◎)/

    It’s time for the death penalty, which was used in The Bible for many offenses, including murder! Jesus was murdered, to save us from our sins. If Jesus can be murdered, then there is no reason, a murderer (and rapist) can’t be killed (or murdered) too. (@_@)


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