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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, was born on January 15, 1929. His birthday is now a national holiday and this year will be celebrated on Monday, January 21. If he had lived, he would be 90 years old. Dr. King’s birthday will take place during chaotic times in America this year. Climate change, which many scientists assert is reality, is being denied by the Trump administration. His administration is under investigation by Special Counsel for the United States Department of Justice Robert Mueller regarding allegations of collusion with Russia. Moreover, President Trump, at press time, is presiding over the longest government shutdown in American history. He is holding the American people hostage because he wants to build a wall on the southern border between the U.S. and Mexico in an attempt to keep our brown brothers and sisters out of the U.S. Also, racism and bigotry are reaching epidemic proportions, allegedly emboldened by the notion that bigots have an ally in the White House. One of the most distasteful incidents took place recently when a white newscaster, in mentioning Dr. King, accidentally said Dr. Martin Luther “Coon” and then immediately corrected himself. Though he apologized, he was fired for this “slip of the tongue.” In a nutshell, the psycho-social climate is one that would be very repulsive to Dr. King if he were alive today.

The previous situations are only the tip of the iceberg; there is a new trend that is extremely disturbing; a group of white race “experts” are making YouTube videos purporting to prove that Black people are subhuman; that we do not have the intelligence to distinguish right from wrong; that we do not have the capacity for abstract thinking; and that we have no moral compass. They say that Blacks have a natural rape culture and we don’t consider rape immoral because we are deficient in understanding that coercive sexual behavior is wrong; that we have no concept of romantic love. These are just a few of the ideas delivered in a 52:29 minute lecture given by philosophy professor Eugene Valberg, Ph.D., entitled “African Language and the African Mind,” delivered to the American Renaissance conference and published on YouTube by the Australian Realist.

Dr. Valberg was strongly attempting to make the case that Black people suffer disproportionately from crime, poverty, violence and other debased behaviors because we do not have the adequate mental capacity for civilized living. He posits that Blacks live only in the present; that because of our mental inadequacy, the past and future do not exist, and hence, we don’t plan our lives better.

Dr. Valberg gave an example regarding the lack of morals and abstract thinking among Black people by comparing us to Adolph Hitler. He said that Hitler attempted to hide his crimes, whereas Black people find pleasure in hurting others, and openly laugh while the pain is inflicted upon their hapless victims. (It is interesting that Dr. Valberg’s “abstract thinking” was not able to see the horrible pain and suffering that Blacks and Native Americans have endured under white imperialism as well as people all across the African continent and around the world where Europeans have pillaged and burned wherever they have gone).

Dr. Valberg is just ONE of a whole new slew of lecturers coming forth resurrecting the idea that Black people are just not intelligent. They are touting studies that show that Africans on the continent have average IQs in the 70s, and that the average IQ of American Blacks is in the low 80s. He cited studies that said the average Black person has the intellect of an 11-year-old white child!

Now, why is this important and how does this relate to Dr. King? It is obvious that Dr. King was a very brilliant man, but more importantly, he had a strong MORAL vision that was anathema to the American cesspool in which Black people reside. Dr. King had a vision of brotherhood for all people; he had the intelligence to know that love is more powerful than hate, and that it is important for all of us to understand this fact. In short, Dr. King demonstrated an intelligence far beyond that of our oppressors. The most important concept that bigots don’t get is that the human mind is malleable; that it can rise to whatever occasion is needed if people have the courage to follow their dreams. On this note, Black people in America need to become aware of this newly re-emerging trend that sees us as animals and prove our oppressors wrong. Dr. King’s fight for freedom has now become a fight for Black humanity – we are in a mind war! A Luta Continua.

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