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Red light camera lawsuit reaches a settlement to be approved by city council

By Chicago (CBS)

The Emanuel Administration has reached a multi-million dollar settlement with motorists who received tickets from the city’s controversial red light camera system.

The settlement, which still needs full city council approval, means nearly $39 million to people who received and/or paid red light camera tickets. The law says there’s about $27 million in refunds and $12 million in debt forgiveness for those who did not pay the ticket.

Attorney Jacie Zolna sued the city of Chicago on behalf of motorist, he said, did not receive proper notice of their red light and speed camera violations. The settlement is a big deal.

“It’s $38.75 million that will go to class members’ refunds,” and debtrelief for some unpaid tickets.
He also said there are other provisions.

“The 1.5 million tickets that are subject to the suit – the city has agreed that they won’t use those tickets for purposes of booting cars or revoking driver’s licenses. To me that’s a big deal,” he said.

Zolna said in about three months the qualifying drivers who can get a refund will be notified in the mail. After filling out paperwork, a check could come sometime in 2018.


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