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Rauner says he’s done more for Blacks than ‘anybody’

By Erick Johnson, Chicago Crusader

Governor Bruce Rauner on Juneteenth went on WVON and said this to the station’s Black listeners.

“I’ve done more for Black business, for Black economic opportunity and Black education opportunity than anybody.”

Without elaborating, Rauner also said that he had accomplished “historic things for the Black community- I would argue more than any other governor.”

Routed touted a recent executive order, which he announced last month in Englewood to help struggling Black businesses obtain state contracts. But Rauner did not cite any numbers or documents to prove how many contracts Black businesses that have benefitted from the executive order.

The governor’s statements drew sharp criticism from Black lawmakers who took to social media and accused the governor of pandering to the Black community five months before the general election.

State Sen. Kimberly Lightford (D-Maywood) said Rauner’s policies have hurt funding at Chicago State University, childcare assistance and the state’s effort to boost the minimum wage to $15 from $8.25 per hour.

“Next, he’s probably going to tell us he really liked ‘Black Panther’ too,” Lightford said in a statement. “That movie contains more truth than Rauner’s claims.”

State Rep. Christian Mitchell said on Twitter, “Seriously, gov. Rauner’s wild statement about how he’s done ‘more for Black people than anyone is Trumpian in word and thought. Someone should pull a blood panel and check for substances.”

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