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‘Raising Buchanan’ presents art imitates life scenario

‘Benson’s’ René Auberjonois plays President Buchanan—who up until now has been considered one of America’s worst presidents

IMG 1967The ultimate black comedy “Raising Buchanan,” from writer/director Bruce Dellis is available now on all VOD/Digital platforms and DVD/Blu-Ray.

This wickedly clever independent gem filmed in Arizona follows a desperate woman who steals the corpse of a former U.S. president in search of a payoff, and yet no one is particularly interested in getting him back.

The film stars Amanda Melby (“Candid Camera”), René Auberjonois (“Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”), Cathy Shim (“Reno 911!”) and Robert Ben Garant (“Reno 911!”), among others.

IMG 1969“Raising Buchanan” is an award-winning feature film that swept the film festival circuit racking up multiple awards.

Inspired by a couple of true presidential corpse stories: the 1876 plot to steal Abraham Lincoln’s body, and the exhumation of Zachary Taylor in 1991, “Raising Buchanan,” took the idea of presidential corpse stealing to extraordinary lengths of dark comedy delight with terrible dead presidents. Because there’s certainly something to be learned from terrible presidents, as well as laughing at them. Finding their inspiration in the off-kilter tone of the dramatically rooted comedies of Alexander Payne, the Coen Brothers, and Hal Ashby, the “Raising Buchanan” filmmakers bring a uniquely enjoyable palate cleanser to movie audiences everywhere.

This is a hilarious film that adds a bit of a history lesson about the 15th president of the United States—James Buchanan. Ruth, played by Melby, gets caught up but can’t get out of her own way while trying to extort money for the late president’s worthless corpse.

Buchanan has been described as one of the worst—if not the worst president in history. Ruth in the end is described as a liar (because of all the tricks up her sleeve) by none other than Buchanan, who is tenderly played by Auberjonois, who pops up throughout to try to “right the ship” about his belief that slavery was a legal and not moral issue.

I couldn’t help but wonder that if this film were written about the current president decades up the road, would his actions in 2020, which gravely affected all Americans, also deem his remains as worthless as he viewed the lives of U.S. citizens?

What could be more fun than literally trying to pawn off a dead body—let alone one of a controversial president?

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