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The Quit Kit helps entrepreneurs realize dreams in 90-days

According to the Small Business Administration there are over 28 million small business ventures in the United States alone. Consistently every year people work full time jobs while being part time entrepreneurs. Recognized as an American Bar Association “Legal Rebel,” Patrice N. Perkins has created a solution to help budding entrepreneurs to transition from working full-time for other entities to working for themselves by using the strategic planning system of The Quit KitTM.

The Quit KitTM is a systematic 90-day solution that helps entrepreneurs plan their escape from the 9-5 world and pursue entrepreneurial endeavors full time. Featuring helpful worksheets, manifestos, legal cheat sheets and journal templates, The Quit KitTM allows users to be able to successfully plan, measure and track their entrepreneurial goals and progress.

Founded by Patrice N. Perkins, Creative Genius Law® (CGL) is a transactional business and intellectual property law firm that manages corporate transactions, trademark and copyright matters on behalf of clients in new media, e-commerce, technology, and other creative industries and innovative businesses. Snubbing mediocrity since 2010, Perkins frequently facilitates workshops and presents at conferences for organizations including the Chicago Urban League, Chicago Creative Expo, Lake FX, Chicago Artists Coalition, Alt Design Summit, BlogHer, and Eat Write Retreat, to name a few.

A member of the Education Advisory Committee and Board of Directors for the Chicago Artists Coalition, Perkins started Creative Genius Law to help innovators leverage their creativity for cash, impact and legacy. She too started her business while working full-time and understands the strategic planning, commitment and execution required to transition into entrepreneurship.

“It took me two years to actually plan and implement a strategy to quit my job and start my business. I loved my job but I knew I had a greater purpose and that I could help so many others by completely focusing on my dream of working in the legal creative sphere. I knew the work that it took to help me get here and knew that I could recreate my strategy to leave the working world to help others jump-start their own businesses. So many entrepreneurs fail due to poor planning and action. The Quit Kit was created to help people win.”

CGL also hosts the blog Creative Genius Society ( where subscribers receive insight on legal strategy and tips applicable to their level in business whether they are a sidetrepreneur (launching while working), new-ish entrepreneur (1-3 years full-time in business) or next levelpreneur (3+ years in business).

The Quit KitTM can be purchased for digital download for $97 via The Quit KitTM can be repeated, every 90 days as needed for users to feel comfortable and fully prepared to step out on faith into the entrepreneurial world. The tools provided will help to build and grow businesses while maintaining creativity and focus. Innovators can start 2017 out right by creating their new life and new business journey with The Quit Kit.TM

About Patrice N. Perkins

PERKINS LOGO.Snubbing mediocrity since 2010, Patrice N. Perkins is the principal attorney of Creative Genius Law®, a Chicago-based business and intellectual property law firm exclusively for creative entrepreneurs, innovators and change agents. Perkins has been recognized by the American Bar Association as a “Legal Rebel” for being an innovator in her space. A graduate of Florida A&M University and DePaul University School of Law, . She is the creator of the Quit Kit, a strategic planning system to help creative entrepreneurs ditch their 9 to 5 for full-time entrepreneurship and Creative Genius Society where she blogs on business and legal topics regularly.

For more information on The Quit KitTM visit or to stimulate your inner genius follow Patrice via @Creative, Esq on Instagram and Twitter. Like CGL at

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