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It is time that Americans admit the truth: there is a war going on at home. Our country has been split along ideological lines, roughly identified as a skirmish between anti-Trump and pro-Trump people.

The Pro-Trumpers blame everything on President Joe Biden, which is actually ludicrous since the issues that we face as a society started long before he took office. The face of this schism can be partially seen in the incidents of mass shootings in America.

According to an online NPR article entitled, “It’s 19 weeks into the year and America has already seen 198 mass shootings,” the number of these shootings averages out to about 10 attacks a week. After this article was published, another mass shooting took place at a church in Laguna Woods, CA, which increases the number of these shootings to 199!

Mass shootings are an American phenomenon.

One of the most recent incidents took place in Buffalo, NY where 10 people were killed, and an additional three were injured. This was a racially motivated attack that occurred in a supermarket and is considered to be the deadliest mass shooting of the year.

The perpetrator was an 18-year-old white male, Payton Gendron, who traveled several miles from his home in another city to Buffalo, to kill Black people. This incident is considered a clear case of domestic terrorism.

According to those who know, incidents like these hate crimes are partially motivated by the lie that Black people are going to “replace” white people. This is one of the conspiracy theories embraced by a large group of individuals who have bought into white supremacist propaganda. They are waging a quiet civil war.

The victims of this war should be remembered. The names and ages of the most recent ones killed in the Buffalo, NY mass shooting are: Roberta A. Drury, 32; Margus D. Morrison, 52; Andre Mackneil,53; Aaron Salter, 55; Geraldine Talley, 62; Celestine Chaney, 65; Heyward Patterson, 67; Katherine Massey, 72; Pearl Young, 77; and Ruth Whitfield, 86. The three surviving victims are identified as Zaire Goodman, 20; Jennifer Warrington, 50; and Christopher Braden, 55.

Americans, for the most part, have not admitted that the country is in the throes of chaos, and still see the United States as a “free country,” a paragon of democracy.

The fact of the matter is that our country is in the midst of significant change. The most obvious evidence of this is the January 6, 2021 “insurrection,” an attack on the Capitol Complex.

A commission was set up to investigate this matter with the intention of identifying and prosecuting those who were involved in the attempted coup. There was an intent on the part of the perpetrators to allegedly kill the vice president and the Speaker of the House, among others. Five people lost their lives during that debacle.

Republicans are in deep denial regarding this series of events. Many of them are absolutely convinced that there has already been a coup in the United States; they believe that President Joe Biden stole the election, and they actually regard their true president as Donald J. Trump!

Considering the foregoing, America truly is in the midst of a crisis, a quiet civil war that has not yet reached the intensity of open battles between opposing camps in the streets. So far, most of the mayhem has been helmed by right wing individuals, mostly Republicans, who are openly defying the established protocols of democratic governance.

Americans, both Black and White, have somewhat taken our democratic system of government for granted. It is as though people believe that the freedoms that we have identified as a birthright will endure forever.

This is changing; a country that has 199 mass shootings in the first five months of the year is in a state of chaos and Republicans at the highest levels of government are making it clear that they want to take control of America and return it to the past.

Black Americans had better wake up and understand what’s happening before it’s too late. Our internal fratricide must cease and desist in order to focus on uniting against those who want to make us disappear. A Luta Continua.

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