Most people will admit that these are very special times in America. The challenges have impacted every aspect of our lives, and one individual seems to be at the center of attention of just about everything that is happening, and that person is President Donald J. Trump. Interestingly, there are two notable movements that have sprung up around him, both painting him with a messianic veneer, which goes a long way toward providing certain segments of the masses with a reason to throw their support behind him no matter how ridiculous, insensitive, cruel or illogical his actions seem to be.

One of the movements was initiated by a “Holy Man” named Tom Zimmer who, in Loretto, Italy in 1983, prophesied that Donald J. Trump “Will lead America Back to God.” He said God was going to use Trump in the future. This was prophesized during a time when Trump had the reputation of a rich playboy who cavorted with starlets.

Zimmer had been a World War II veteran who, upon his return to civilian life, spent his time as a pilgrim for the sake of the upliftment of humanity. He attended multiple masses every day, and when not in church, spent the remainder of his time praying. As testimony of his prediction, he actually purchased a brick for a Holy Door in the Vatican with Trump’s name on it. This is a fascinating story, and more details can be found on The John Henry Westen Show on YouTube.

The other very curious spiritual veneer comes from a far–right movement known as QAnon. This group, which is gaining momentum all over America, posits Trump as battling a deep state as a sort of messiah, or as the precursor to the messiah.

Basically, they believe that Trump is the one who will bring down a satanic cabal that is running the world and that centers on pedophilia and cannibalism. Many of them also believe that John F. Kennedy, Jr., the publisher of the magazine George, was aware of the cabal, and faked his own death in a plane crash in order to remove himself as a target of their wrath. During these times, Kennedy is expected to return and Trump is seen as his go-between.

QAnon is a dangerous movement and its adherents are known for violent acts. They have been designated as domestic terrorists by the FBI. Alarmingly, they are making political inroads by being elected to political offices. They are emerging in the mainstream.

This apocalyptic thrust has ignited a firestorm of controversy. For one, it explains why so many people support Trump no matter what he does. We must realize that we are facing a quasi-religious movement with Trump as the focus. (Interestingly, the matriarch of the Trump clan, his great-grandmother, had the maiden name of “Christ”).

When faced with the strange pieces of this puzzle, it will become very important that we wade through the misty elements of deception in order to discern truth. We are, indeed, in the midst of a veritable fake news blizzard, but there is hope.

Donald Trump ran on the platform of “Make America Great Again.” And those who are Christian note that the slogan is worn “on the forehead” on red caps, which can bring to mind the “sign of the beast” spoken about in the Book of Revelations in the Bible. With that said, we have but to look at the fruits of his term in office to determine his true nature.

Donald Trump has, indeed, changed America, but his role as messiah is questionable. By all accounts he is a racist; he is an individual who has surrounded himself with criminals; more than 174,000 Americans have died partially due to his inaction regarding strategic planning around the prevention of the spread of COVID-19; the economy and attendant unemployment are atrocious; the suffering of families at the southern border brings to mind the plight of the Jews during World War II; and he threatens to dismantle all types of programs that would help the poor and middle classes while at the same time greasing the palms of the rich!

Everything that Donald Trump does has the stench of selfishness, and love is nowhere in the equation. Yes, Trump has changed America; he has been used to destroy and not to build. Because of this, it is feasible to conclude that Trump can, indeed, bring America back to God; but it will not be as a messiah – rather through suffering the American people will finally understand the folly of hatred and fight like heck to overcome the pall of evil that is temporarily blanketing our country. A Luta Continua.

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