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Purging these 14 products will make you healthier

By Kate Eller, health enews, a news service from Advocate Health Care

You may have several items in your home that are potentially harmful to your health. Read on for a list of 14 items you may want to purge.

In the Kitchen:

Older plastic containers: A chemical called bisphenol A, or BPA, is found in plastic not marked BPA-free and has been linked to high blood pressure. Small amounts of this chemical are transferred to food, and it’s unknown the amount acceptable to be safe for health. Throw away any containers you know not to be BPA-free, and for a tidier house, toss any plastic container without a matching lid.

Unhealthy foods: Your diet is linked to your heart healthbrain health, diabetes risk and overall health. Toss anything with too much added sugar, sodium and saturated fats, as well as simple carbohydrate foods like pastries and white bread, deli and processed meats, fried foods, artificial sweeteners and anything with trans fats.

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