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Public Service Announcement (PSA) issued to provide residents and businesses tips on preventing basement backups during extreme rainfall

WHO: Commissioner Kari K. Steele, Chemist and Environmentalist for the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District (MWRD) of Greater Chicago has more than 11 years professional experience working as a chemist. She has worked at both the Jardin Water Purification Plant (as a chemist) and the MWRD (as a water sampler and lab technician). Commissioner Steele has a Pre-med degree in Chemistry and serves as Chairman and Vice Chairman on various MWRD Standing Committees.

WHAT: A valuable Public Service Announcement for the residents and businesses of Greater Chicago to assist in the prevention of basement backups during extreme rainfall. A radio and television PSA issued by MWRD Commissioner Kari K. Steele that provides useful information for knowing the difference in the services provided by the MWRD and City of Chicago Department of Water Management.

The Greater Chicago area experiences Mother Nature’s extreme rainfall periodically throughout the year, often forecasted and other times unpredicted. Recent excessive rainfall caused the Chicago River to overflow, standing water on many city streets and some basement backups for homeowners and businesses. It is important to provide helpful tips for local residents to assist them in preventing basement backups and knowing which government agency provides the water source entering their home and which government agency manages and treats the wastewater leaving their home.

The purpose of the PSAs are to assist in the following areas:
· Knowing the difference in the services provided by MWRD and the Chicago Department of Water Management (:30 sec)

· 3 simple tips to help prevent basement backups (:60 sec)

60-second video PSA

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