Notice of Claim of Birth and Delivery  Autumn Raine

Anderson of  Family Kyler

A child and heir to God [Psalms 82:6; Romans 8:17]

Hear Ye Hear Ye! Together, Kyler, Shana Monique [grantor/- executrix], hereinafter Mother and Anderson, Pierce Lee [grant- or/ administrator], hereinafter Father, and Mother who are Nationals of the United States of America, sui juris en esse, makes this special announcement of the forthcoming of Anderson, Autumn Raine from her mother’s womb, bestowed to both Mother and Father as a heritage [gift] from the 7th day of January of year two thousand fourteen [2014] of our Most High God at 16:23 on the Soil of Minnesota union member state at Hennepin County Medical Center specially by Nelson, Tracy N, MD and Campbell, Allison, RN and MRN 4019540 now retitled as estate property number RE072569202US and Birth Certificate number 2014-MN-001702 now retitled as estate property number RE0725- 69216US. Anderson, Autumn Raine weighed at six [6] pounds and six and two tenths [6.2] ounces and measured nineteen and a half [19.5] inches. We claim this gift in good faith, good conscious, honor, and in sacred covenant to love and teach her diligently, not to provoke unless she becomes discouraged, to show compassion, to provide wise discipline and instructions, and to be glad. This recorder of birth and her proper Christen name will now be recorded in our Family’s Bible which is the Law of home for our citizenship resides in heaven and shall withstand all forms of repute to the contrary. It is so done.