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Protesters met with mass arrest after I-64 shutdown, 143 taken into custody

By Kenya Vaughn, The St. Louis American

As protesters gathered in the parking lot of the Schnucks on Lindell Tuesday night, they were preparing for the worst – and secretive about why.

“All I can tell you right now is that we’re all probably going to jail tonight,” Tory Russell said as the group waited for their final instructions. “It’s about to go down.” Veteran protesters had their gas masks handy. Others were urged to take the surgical masks being handed out with the “self-care packages.”

They asked the media to respect their privacy and step back during the two meetings they had on separate sides of the parking lot. Those who had been given intel were told to stand by. The others were directed to talk with State Rep. Bruce Franks Jr. They never stated the plans out loud, but they did tell protesters to car pool.

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