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Protest leads to injured police officers, smashed windows and a fire in D.C.


Heated protests in Northwest Washington have been going on throughout the day Friday before and after Donald Trump’s swearing in.

The latest protest in the area is happening near 12th and L Street and started some time before 2:00 p.m. There have been reports of pepper spray and flash bombs in this area. Police have been seen in large numbers in the area, some equipped with riot gear. Large amounts of smoke have been seen in the street.

Watch the video live here:

Other protests through the day led to windows being smashed, a fire being set, and two D.C. Police officers being injured, according to D.C. Fire Officials.

D.C. Police say they had to use pepper spray on some of the earlier protesters.

Protesters were also caught in the following Periscope stream smashing windows near McPherson Square some time around 10:30 a.m.:

Later, a video showed crowds of protesters fleeing the scene as loud noises went off.

A Starbucks’ window was smashed out and a trash can was also set on fire near McPerson Square.

Another store window of what appears to be a McDonald’s was also smashed.

Screen Shot 2017 01 20 at 1.52.16 PMWindows of businesses near McPherson Square were smashed during the Inauguration ceremonies.

The Metropolitan Police Department released the following statement following the vandalism:

“At approximately 10:30 a.m., an organized group was observed marching south in Northwest Washington. On their way, members of the group acting in a concerted effort engaged in acts of vandalism and several instances of destruction of property. More specifically, the group damaged vehicles, destroyed the property of multiple businesses, and ignited smaller isolated fires while armed with crowbars, hammers, and asps. Preliminary information indicates the group collectively engaged in these criminal acts. MPD members were alerted to the criminal activity, and responded swiftly to contain and detain the involved individuals in the area of 12th and L Streets, NW. At this time, numerous arrests have been made and those individuals have been charged with rioting. Investigation into the incident remains ongoing. Pepper spray and other control devices were used to control the criminal actors and protect persons and property. During the incident, police vehicles were damaged and two uniformed officers sustained minor injuries from coordinated attacks by members of the group that were attempting to avoid arrest.”




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