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Project leads to Reading is Fun Day for students

Thea Bowman High School scholars visited the elementary school to share the gift of reading. One of Thea Bowman’s teachers, Ms. Pamela Sanders, created this inclusion project to give students the opportunity to work together in promoting the importance of literacy.

“It was amazing to watch our students create excitement about reading for the younger students,” explained Sanders, who is a Special Education Teacher. “Their talents and creativity came out. It brought tears to my eyes.”

THESE THEA BOWMAN Leadership Academy high school students spent a day reading to the elementary students. The idea was the brainchild of Special Education Teacher Pamela Sanders. It turned out to make reading fun for the readers and the listeners.

All academic achievement levels were included in this project to create an environment where students were supporting, encouraging and assisting each other.

Members of the teaching staff commended by the principal, Sarita Stevens, for chaperoning the trip, were Pamela Sanders, Monte Patrick, Clara Burnett and Sheila Mason. Also two school leaders, Michael Collins and Marisa Simmons were recognized for collaborating with the high school to create this reading adventure.

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