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CPS Principal Who Criticized Emanuel is Suddenly Fired

By Mary Ann Ahern,

One of Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s sharpest critics has lost his job: Chicago Public Schools has removed Troy LaRaviere as principal from Blaine Elementary School in Lakeview.
In an email to teachers at 9 p.m. Wednesday night, the notice was given that LaRaviere has been “reassigned.”
Thursday morning LaRaviere responded to his ousting, telling NBC 5 that the email was as much as a surprise to him as it was to the parents at the popular North Side school.
“Interesting wording. I’ve been ‘reassigned’ with no explanation thus far,” LaRaviere said. “They’ve told the press far more than they’ve told me.”
CPS argued, however, that a meeting with LaRaviere was scheduled for Wednesday but he did not attend.
LaRaviere is expected to become head of the Chicago Principals and Administrators Association next month, so his removal is surprising. It’s also Spring Break for CPS, so this move was done when teachers and students are not in school.
In a written statement, CPS says it “has removed Troy LaRaviere because of alleged acts of misconduct, including violations of a previous Warning Resolution passed by the Board of Education. A hearing will be held to determine his employment status.”
LaRaviere’s been a very outspoken critic of the mayor, writing op-ed pieces for newspapers and was also involved politically in both Chuy Garcia’s campaign for mayor and Bernie Sanders campaign for president.
Parents have stood by LaRaviere, who had been at the school since 2011. Many told NBC 5 Thursday morning that although the school is on break, they will want to know the details behind his sudden removal.

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