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Prime Video’s PAPER GIRLS is intriguing, confusing but thought provoking


I’m sure at one time or another we have all wondered what it would be like to travel into the past or future to see what that world looked/would look like. Prime Video has taken Brian K. Vaughan’s graphic novel PAPER GIRLS and created the series that provides a view.

The year is 1988 in the early hours of the morning after Halloween. Four paper girls from very different backgrounds delivering papers get caught up in the crossfire between warring time-travelers and are transported to 2021.

In a nutshell, they have to figure out how to get back to 1988. Throughout their journey traveling from year to year, they end up meeting their future selves who try to help them get back to the past.

Actors Camryn Jones (Tiffany Quilkin), Riley Lai Nelet (Erin Tieng), Sofia Rosinsky (Mac Coyle), and Fina Strazza (KJ Brandman) play the four paper girls in the series. All four of them bring something different to their characters, which makes them so interesting.

I spoke with three of the actresses recently, Camryn Jones, Riley Lai Nelet, and Fina Strazza.

One of the really interesting parts for me in the film was when each girl met their future, not just themselves but what happened to them in the future. This brought up the question of whether they would like to meet their real future selves.

The answers were mixed. Camryn said, “I would say yes. I love spoilers. I always skip to the last page of a book when I read it. I would say yeah, because I’m just curious about how I would end up, and then I could change it if I didn’t like the outcome.” Riley and Fina both said no. They want to live in the moment.

Me, I wouldn’t mind going back to 1979, but that’s a conversation for another time.

Also starring in the series is one of my favorite actresses, Adina Porter who plays Prioress, one of the bad guys. In this role, she has a look and stature that is dominating and very scary. However, when her vulnerability sneaks through you feel for her character. She is amazing because she creates layers. I asked the ladies what it was like working with her.

The conversation went like this:

Fina Strazza: “Prioress is incredibly intimidating and scary, and Adina is definitely not that. She’s the sweetest ever.”

Camryn Jones: “She is so nice.”

Riley Lai Nelet: “I think both of them also have this sense of grace towards them, this gracefulness.”

Fina Strazza: “For sure. The first time we worked with Adina, we were not told she would be on set with us. We were doing our scene, and she just popped up, showed up. We were all like, “Oh my god.” And she looks very scary.”

Camryn Jones: “That was a funny day. It was a funny day. Yeah, she was awesome, because we were all scared.”

Fina Strazza: “We were all huddled together. She’s fantastic. Audiences are going to love her.”

PAPER GIRLS is streaming now on Amazon Prime Video. At first it was a bit confusing, but as it gets into the episodes and you get to know the girls and understand what they are fighting against, you will be hooked.

I give it 3 winks out of 4 of the EYE!

Until next time, keep your eye to the sky!

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