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PRESS ROOM: 4A’s Issues Fair Play Charter for Minority-Owned and Minority-Targeted Media

(New York City)—The 4A’s recently issued a Fair Play Charter to its members, asking media agencies, and media departments within agencies, to recommit to fair and equitable treatment of minority media owners.

The charter, written by the 4A’s Media Leadership Council (MLC), was inspired by discussions with Kizart Media Partners and the multicultural media owner community to address questions around perceived “no Hispanic”/“no urban” dictates in the media-buying process. It asks agencies to commit to the charter or to incorporate the charter into agency policies and procedures.

“No Hispanic”/“no urban” dictates describe a practice in which agencies and the brands they represent make media-buying decisions that are noninclusive of media owned by or targeted to African Americans or Latinos. The Fair Play Charter also extends to include targeted media of other special-interest communities.


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