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Presidents’ Day 2016 is here and the time has come when it can have a different meaning for Black people. This is because an African American is president of the United States! President Barack Obama’s great achievement can send a very important message to the Black community if it can be correctly deciphered. There is a familiar saying in popular contemporary culture – “What you see is what you get.” Though some people easily identify with the truth of this assertion, the more esoteric aspects of it escapes most. If that were not the case, Black people wouldn’t continue to focus on weaknesses in the community and in themselves. President Barack Obama, however, is someone who focused on achievement rather than victimhood.

When we look at the history of Black people in America and around the world, it becomes painfully obvious that bigotry is alive and well. It is also understood that there are those who deliberately do things to thwart the efforts of Black people when it comes to social and economic parity. Because of this, it is understandable that Blacks would develop a victimhood worldview. But what has this gotten the community?

If we as a people are helpless in the face of misfortune and oppression, then we might as well get angry with Nature, because Black people are not only victims of others outside of the community, but also victims of Black on Black angst, as well as being disproportionately victimized by biological maladies. It seems as though every time a new disease is discovered, the Black community suffers more from it than others. And why is this so? The answer most likely lies in a total embracement of a philosophy of victimhood, a MINDSET! What you see is what you get! The Law of Attraction ensures that people who view the world from a position of inevitable defeat will manifest that condition.

It is time that we adopt a new paradigm; that we begin to understand the world in a different way. To continue to ignore the fact that we CAN impact our destiny in spite of mega-oppressive forces is something that we need to consider. The world is in the dark ages when it comes to dealing with new realities like the incredible power of intention-based thought. At one time people were convinced that the world was flat. Actually, today there are still people who stubbornly hold onto that viewpoint, but most of us know that the world is not flat. Also, recent discoveries in the world of science are pointing to new dimensions regarding so-called “reality.” The Heisenberg Principle, for one, has shown that the observer actually alters and influences what is observed, yet we still hold onto the old mechanical model of reality as described by Sir Isaac Newton several centuries ago.

The actual fact is that we have not yet cracked the code of the human mind. Like the flat-earthers that live among us today, we have refused to advance in an understanding of consciousness and the power of thought. People have not included consciousness in life’s equations to a satisfactory degree, EXCEPT those who know that we can create our world based on what we anticipate and on where we focus our attention. When looked at in this light, it is the height of folly for Black people to continue to focus on victimization because it has just resulted in more victimization; we have enthusiastically forged a rut that is getting deeper and deeper entrapping us to such an extent that it will be difficult to escape.

We must never forget that we can create our own destiny because we have the power of MIND. Mind, linked with LOVE and UNITY, are the powerful weapons that we have that can combat a victimhood consciousness. President Obama has faced many, many obstacles, but he has prevailed, and he is an excellent role model in this regard. We must take that example to change the focus from victimhood to Black familyhood. The unity of collective Black WILL (power) can change our condition for the better. The time is now! A luta continua.

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