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President Obama Joins Construction Workers to Mark Obama Presidential Center Milestone

President Obama visited the ObamaPresidential Center construction site on Chicago’s South Side to mark a significant milestone in the building of the Center. The Museum Building, the tallest building on the 19.3 acre campus, has reached its full height of 225 feet, known in the construction industry as “topping out.” 

During the visit, he thanked the construction workers and architects who brought this inspiring vision to life, and alongside them, signed a piece of the building that will be part of the Sky Room ceiling. The Sky Room, on the top floor of the Museum Building, will be a place to reflect and take in sweeping views of Lake Michigan to the East, the skyscrapers of downtown Chicago to the North, and the South Side of Chicago to the West and South. 

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Earlier in the day, he also met with young people from the community to discuss programming they’d like to see at the Museum and throughout the Obama Presidential Center campus.

This milestone moment is part of President Obama’s hands-on approach, continuing his dedication and active involvement in shaping what will be a transformational experience at the Center. The campus will feature a fruit and vegetable garden; an athletic, programs, and events facility; a world-class museum; an auditorium; a branch of the Chicago Public Library; and more. Additional programming will also invite visitors—whether they’re coming from down the block or across the globe—to bring change home.

For more information on the Center’s progress and the amenities it will bring to the South Side community, please click HERE.

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