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Prep Insight Magazine honors high school football coaches

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In celebration of the 2021 football season, Prep Insight Magazine held its 40th Annual High School Football Coaches of the Year Award Reception in March.

According to Prep Insight, the group has celebrated the achievements of students, teachers, coaches, and educators of Illinois schools since 1997.

The event was hosted by the publisher of Prep Insight Magazine Garrett Gosha.

“[We are] celebrating the great achievements of our area high school football coaches, past and present,” said Prep Insight via its website.

“Due to COVID, Prep Insight Magazine had been unable to produce these events. However, now that the situation has eased some, we are presenting our first football coach’s reception in two years! Join us in celebrating the incredible achievements of these outstanding coaches who have continued on in spite of the pandemic!”

During the reception, the magazine honored several coaches with the Lifetime Achievement Award, celebrated Special Honorees, and presented the Man of the Year Award and Coaches of the Year Award for the 2021 season.

The Lifetime Achievement Award went to Simeon Career Academy’s Jessie Chick and Carver Military Academy High School’s Willie Simpson.

The Special Honorees for the Coaches of Englewood included Terry Lewis, Harper; Fabray Collins, Robeson; Maris Carroll, Harper; Albert Cruse, Englewood; Johnnie Butler, Calumet; and Aaron Stephens, Wentworth.

The Man of the Year Award went to coaches Sinque Turner of Kenwood Academy High School and Derek Hart of Kankakee.

In addition to the other award honorees, the group also recognized 12 additional coaches with the 2021 Coaches of the Year Award.

“[T]hese celebrations have included special events such as awards dinners and other events designed specifically so these hard-working people could be recognized by their family and peers,” Prep Insight Magazine said.

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