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By Julianne Malveaux

At this writing, Megyn Kelly is off the air at NBC. After her horridly vapid statement saying she didn’t see anything wrong with blackface, she apologized the next day and even invited journalist Roland Martin on to take her to school. Roland did a brilliant job in explaining the history of blackface and the way it demeans African American people, and it was great that he had the opportunity to educate, not only his odious host but also the millions who watch Megyn Kelly daily. So Kelly tearfully apologized, and she listened to Roland and television commentator Amy Holmes as they talked about race. But does Kelly “get” why her remarks were so objectionable.

Roland says she does, but I’m not so sure. She prefaced her apology by saying that she was not a “pc kind of person.” I’m not sure what that means, and what is wrong with being “politically correct” if it means being perfectly civil, informed, and mindful of others. If African American people say that blackface is offensive, it’s not a big deal, Megyn. It’s offensive. Whether you know the history or not, if members of a group say something is wrong, why not accept it? Or does your white skin privilege allow you to determine what is offensive and what is not?

This is not the first time Ms. Kelly has put her foot into racial quicksand. Confident in her Aryanness, she proclaimed that Santa Claus is white, and so is Jesus. To declare Jesus white, given his geographical roots on the African continent or in the Middle East, is to embrace a special kind of both spatial and historical ignorance. But if you are vested in the world being a narrow white occasion, then you are free to spew racist myths, or shall we say, “fake news.” On the Santa tip, since Santa is not a real person, but a fairy tale figment of someone’s imagination Santa’s race is subject to the imagination. Kelly seemed to have a problem with a Black Santa. Why? Does a Black Santa offend her lily-white sensibilities? Is she so seeped in whiteness that she can’t think outside the box? And did NBC throw the talented Tamron Hall under the bus for that? Speaks to their own racial bias and sense of white superiority!

It is tragic to consider that Megyn Kelly has three young children who are undoubtedly being influenced by her warped racial views. But NBC may, perhaps, be reconsidering their relationship with Kelly. It would be no great loss if she were bounced off the air, though there are some who think she has learned her lesson sufficiently to continue her career. What if, instead of losing her job, she was involved in a “Black immersion” experience? What if she had to spend a month in a dormitory at Bennett or Spellman College, spending time with the young Black women she seems not to have taken into consideration heretofore? What if her conversation with Roland Martin could be the first of many, and she was directed to spend time with Essence Editor Emerita Susan Taylor, with National Newspaper Publishers Association Chairman Dorothy Lea-vell, with Jada Pinkett Smith, with Rev. Jesse Jackson, and with others. Might that make a difference for the ill-educated Megyn Kelly? Or maybe she should just read a book or two.

Fifty years after the Kerner Commission report it is clear that there are still two Americas, one Black, and one white. Two Americas, with two different realities, and few bridges to understanding. This is why, even in all-white communities, Black history must be taught. This is why our textbooks ought to speak, realistically about enslavement, Reconstruction, Jim Crow, and lynching. This is why we need to bust the myth that lynchings were about sex – Black men lusting after white women. Actually, too many lynchings were about economic envy – white men lusting after Black people’s property. After white vandals destroyed the Greenwood section of Tulsa, Oklahoma, one report actually described the cause of the devastation as “Too Many N—rs Having Too Much Money.”

Megyn Kelly is not the only white person who is ignorant of American history (because the history of Black people really is American history). White ignorance is one of the reasons I look askance at some aspects of the #MeToo movement. White ignorance is a choice, especially among adults who can educate themselves and expose themselves to the totality of history. Megyn Kelly chose to expose herself to Roland Martin and Amy Holmes. Too bad she shot off her uninformed mouth before she got educated! Perhaps she will now remove the term “p.c.” from her vocabulary unless she happens to mean perfectly civil.

Julianne Malveaux is an author and economist. Her latest book “Are We Better Off? Race, Obama and Public Policy” is available via For booking, wholesale inquiries or for more info visit

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