Pigment International joins Columbia College for Collective Impact Series

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March 16 Virtual Event to explore How Artists Save Democracy with artists Ted Ellis and Dorian Sylvain

PIGMENT International™ will host one of its signature Salon Talks with artists Ted Ellis and Dorian Sylvain on Tuesday, March 16, as part of Columbia College Chicago’s Collective Impact Series. Collective Impact explores community engagement and social justice in art making through a series of visiting artists and performers. Collective Impact will bring students, faculty, and Chicago community members together with nationally renowned artists to discuss the challenges and logistics of collaboration and ask the question: How can we come together to create and sustain a collective impact through the arts and media? The Zoom event will begin at 6:30 pm and is open to the public.

The March 16th event will be moderated by Patricia Andrews-Keenan, the founder of Pigment International™, and focus on the subject Saving Democracy – An Artistic Exploration, the title of the project for which Pigment was awarded a “THINK” grant by the Art Works Fund (AWF). The multi-media project will explore how artists perceive these challenging times while also keeping their focus on the future. The organization believes it will be the works artist create now that will inform future generations about this unparalleled time in the history of race relations in our country and across the globe. The project will include an exhibition, Salon Talks and other communications vehicles.

Ellis’ career spans over 30 years as a “creative historian”, who most recently served on the 400 Commission, overseen by the National Parks Service, which commemorated the arrival of Africans to this continent in 1619. The New Orleans native recently completed the master’s program in Museum Studies at Southern University in New Orleans (SUNO).

Sylvain is a studio painter and muralist, as well as an art educator, curator, and community planner. Much of her public work addresses issues of beautification inspired by color palettes and patterns found throughout the African diaspora, particularly architecture. Core to her practice is collaborating with children and communities to elevate neighborhood aesthetics and foster shared understanding.

Professor Robert Hanserd Ph.D. extended the invite to Pigment International to speak with his students, who are currently working on social impact projects within their communities.

Hanserd teaches History at Columbia College Chicago and earned his Ph.D. in History from Northern Illinois University in 2011. West African culture and history and its circulation throughout the Atlantic World (West Africa, America and Western Europe) have always been at the center of his academic work. His research interests include Gold Coast and Bight of Benin cosmology and history, Afro-Atlantic inspirations to maroons’, free-blacks’ and slaves’ struggles for freedom and identity in the Caribbean and North America, and a range of topics related to African-American history and life.

About Pigment International

Pigment International™ is a multi-media arts platform that evangelizes for Black art, curation, and innovation. Based in Chicago, the organization uses arts journalism to advance the Black contemporary aesthetic in the visual arts; we honor the history and relevance of historical Black Art; and we serve as a connector for emerging creators, collectors, curators, investors, and other stakeholders. We create customized programming that sparks dialogue and inspires our constituents. We are the publishers of Pigment Magazine and founders of Black Fine Art Month. Follow Pigment International on FB and IG. See our Annual report here.

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