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Food for thought: the current spate of white individuals who call police while observing Black people doing normal everyday things like sleeping in a school’s common area, barbecuing in the park, moving into a home, and other ridiculous situations speaks loads about the nature of the mind and maturity of those individuals doing the reporting. Basically, they are not able to tell the difference between people who are doing wrong and people who are just living their lives. This is because they have not developed the powers of discernment. They see things through a lens darkly (pun intended); they cannot penetrate a veil of deceit that has been placed between them and the rest of society. This can be a very serious situation in the current American climate because the wrong call to the wrong authorities can result in the death of innocent Black people.

It is apparent that this invisible veil of deceit has been placed over the entire Black community in America. The less discerning individuals in the white community paint everyone with the same brush. It matters not how accomplished one is; if he or she is Black, some people cannot see beyond skin color to see the person. This is a common problem that has dogged the Black community in America for ages.

One of the most distressing things about this situation is that even some African Americans have imbibed the kool-aid. They hold the same beliefs that some whites do: they automatically assume that Blacks are inferior, hateful, criminal, or more. This veil of deceit creates a cesspool of despair, distrust, economic and spiritual decay that digs deep holes in the fabric of the Black community, and by extension, American life.

How is the veil of deceit generated? The answer lies in the notion of mind control. Many people assume mind control is connected with something esoteric that mysteriously causes people to behave in given ways. The fact is that mind control mechanisms are not mysterious or esoteric; they are common sense principles applied to the subconscious minds of people whose tastes and proclivities are known. For example, in the United States today there are a lot of disaffected, but bigoted whites who have been wronged by the system. They are also prone to xenophobia. It is known that they are unhappy and that they are looking for scapegoats. The powers that be of the “divide and conquer” ilk seize upon this opportunity to place blame on others, safely removing any culpability from themselves. The result is that poor and impoverished white people blame poor and impoverished Black people for their predicament.

How can all of this be remedied? It will be necessary to pierce the veil of deceit in order to shine a light on TRUTH. This truth is that there are those who benefit from the schisms in America between Black people, white people, immigrants, and other demonized populations. People must become “de-hypnotized” and realize that almost everyone is being “played” in America. Those individuals who are quick to report every action engaged in by Black people to law enforcement are mere pawns of a decadent system motivated by power and greed.

Self-reflection is a useful tool to combat mind control. This is difficult for many white people who are so far gone that they cannot be retrieved into the world of sanity and fairness. What remains, then, is that the African American community should turn the magnifying glass on itself and take an honest assessment of its predicament. What people don’t often understand is that the outside world conforms to what comes from inside the minds of people and not the other way around. The Black community must learn to recognize its value and unify to demand respect and reciprocity from members of the community and those outside of it. We must take responsibility for our failures and revel in our successes. When we come together, we can force the outer world to respond to our unity. One of the first steps should be a serious thrust for REPARATIONS. This will not solve all problems, but it can be a starting point. A Luta Continua.

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