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Pfleger to Homeless: “Whatever your problems are, it’s only temporary”

By Chinta Strausberg, Chicago Crusader

Father Michael L. Pfleger directed operations at Saint Sabina’s Christmas meal and toy giveaway and admonished hundreds of families and the homeless that whatever they are going through “it is only temporary…a stop” along life’s highway that in no way defines them for life.

Pfleger told listeners that they, just as he, “are not alone in this thing. God is with me. Whatever I’m dealing with I am not alone. God is with me….”

He cautioned listeners to “Never let a temporary circumstance make you have an internal frustration or depression. What you are going through is only temporary. There is another side to this, and I’m coming out on the other side,” Pfleger said, asking his guests to repeat his declaration.

MOTHERS ACCEPT TOYS from a parish volunteer for their children at St. Sabina’s annual Christmas meal and toy giveaway.

“When I come out, I am going to shout…and I am going to look like what I went through. Victory is right before me,” he bellowed.

Following prayer, Pfleger’s guests enjoyed a homemade meal served by volunteers. Hundreds of meals were delivered to those unable to attend and to the elderly.

Families later lined up outside classrooms at Saint Sabina’s Academy to select age appropriate toys and clothes, leaving with bags filled with Christmas gifts for their children.

Father Pfleger is praying for peace in 2017. “We are excited about 2017, and we believe with all our hearts, minds and souls that the best is yet to come.”

“We have to draw the line on this violence and say we are not going to become immune with this gun violence and we are not accepting of it…. Shame on us to have the mayor, the governor, the pastors, parents, grandmothers… we all are guilty of what is going on in this city,” said Pfleger.


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