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Pfleger blames Flint toxic water on racism

By Chinta Strausberg

Father Michael L. Pfleger Sunday, January 24, said he is “angry world while Flint, Michigan residents are forced to drink toxic water exposing children to lead and ashamed of America” which helps the whole poisoning he thinks because that city is 60 percent black.

“I am both angry and shamed of America that we help the whole world and yet people in Flint, Michigan can’t have water to drink because of toxic water in that town…. How can this be in 2016 we can send people in the moon, but we can’t get clean water?

“And, then it hit me,” he said. “Flint, Michigan is 60 percent black,” he told his congregation. “It’s amazing no matter what issue you deal with in this country if you go down to the roots race and class are always at the bottom of it.”

Pfleger has joined with six organizations in collecting water. He asked the public to drop off a case of bottled water at Saint Sabina, 1210 W. 78th Place, by Wednesday evening because he is sending the water on to Flint, Michigan on Thursday morning.

“If the government won’t give them water, we will.” Pfleger called the state of Flint, Michigan’s water problem “absolutely unacceptable.”

He is having his parishioners to call Republican Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder to resign over this scandal. Father Pfleger is outraged that the people especially the children are exposed to lead poisoning because of the inaction of both city and Michigan state officials.

While the finger pointing for the toxic water scandal continues with Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush praising Snyder and late night talk show host Jimmy Fallon donating $10,000 towards a water drive, Father Pfleger is making a plea for mass donations of bottled water. He asked that the water be brought to the church no later than this Thursday. He plans on taking the water to Flint, Michigan this weekend.

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