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People are outraged over Trump calling Omarosa ‘dog,’ but he’s called Maxine Waters worse

By NewsOne

Trump followed up his horrible insults about Congresswoman Maxine Waters with another one about Omarosa Manigault Newman on Tuesday.

The president’s Twitter reference to the former White House aide as a “dog” has sparked disgust and outrage — perhaps more than his comments about Waters earlier this year. Both Rep. Frederica Wilson and the Women’s March have spoken out against the Omarosa insult, saying it was a racially offensive remark.

“How dare the president call @Omarosa or any black woman a dog! RT if you agree that is going way too far!,” Wilson tweeted.

“Once again, Donald Trump is showing the world that he is an abuser, levying more racist and sexist attacks on Black women,” read a statement from the Women’s March, also mentioning Trump’s “toxic targeting” of Black women. “Women are not dogs. We are not b***hes. We are people.”


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