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OWN’S ‘Queen Sugar’ is pulling no punches in its last season

The longest-running Black family drama series, “Queen Sugar,” from creator and executive producer Ava DuVernay, continues its historic final season with new episodes every Tuesday, at 8 p.m. ET/PT and 7 p.m. Central on OWN.

This season has been full of surprises and developments that could be considered both shocking and delightful.

Here’s a recap of the episodes up until now.

701 – The family attends a christening for Ralph Angel and Darla’s baby, Tru. Sam Landry delivers shocking news that could threaten the Bordelon land once again. There is much love all around for this new addition to the Bordelon family.

image 1
DARLA AND RALPH Angel look lovingly at their daughter, Tru.

702 – Micah pursues a photography career, Prosper had a date with Sandy and Billie contemplates her future with Vince. Micah is excited at the prospect of a new revenue stream, and Prosper is doubled over with excitement upon taking Sandy out of a date.

703 – Micah continues to explore NFTs, Violet has a new business plan and Darla and Rah navigate a rough patch.

image e1667256881241
AUNT VI AND Nova engage in an important conversation at Vi’s pie shop.

704 – Prosper and Sandy make an exciting decision.

705 – Ralph Angel and Darla find a new place to live so Hollywood and Violet can get approved as foster parents. Darla receives a threatening call from someone in her past. Hollywood and Violet are again extending help to someone in need. Darla is shaken to the core and vulnerable after a phone call from someone from her past.

image 3
A SOCIAL WORKER explains the foster care system to Hollywood and Aunt Vi.

706 – Ralph Angel struggles to adjust to his new circumstances. Everyone celebrates Prosper and Sandy’s upcoming nuptials. The entire community is overjoyed with the news about an upcoming wedding.

image 2
RALPH ANGEL CONGRATULATES Prosper on his engagement.

707 – A heavy storm hits St. Josephine, which opens the door for some emotional conversations. The storm brings folks together for overnight comfort in ways not imagined.

708 – Everyone unites to save Cardale’s farm. The Avila boys’ father returns home. Nova sees her first love, and Darla makes an important decision about Chase.

Episode 709, titled “Whisper To Us,” will air on Tuesday, November 1. Ralph Angel and Darla learn startling information about Sam Landry that could threaten the co-op. Micah finds his footing and Nova grows closer to Camille. Plus, Hollywood and Violet discuss their future in fostering.

This episode is certain to be as thrilling as the previous eight episodes that share the story of the Bordelons in a sugar cane town close to New Orleans, Louisiana.

The critically acclaimed drama series “Queen Sugar” will be cemented in television history as the longest-running Black family drama series by a Black woman creator when it completes its seventh and final season this year. Following the telecast of each of the final 13 episodes, tune-in to The Official Queen Sugar Podcast for exclusive behind-the-scenes conversations with the creators, directors, actors and crew responsible for the series’ successful 88-episode run.

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Photo credit: Photos by Ben Adams © 2022 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. / Courtesy of OWN.

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