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An Open Letter To President Donald Trump

Dear Honorable President Trump:

I am an advanced senior citizen, African-American male Democrat, and have been so all of my adult life, as were my progenitors.

Congratulations on being sworn in as America’s 45th President. I would like to humbly offer you a few suggestions that I think will assist in and enhance efforts toward the reunification of our Beloved Country, the United States of America. They are as follows:

  1. All parties should recognize the historical contributions of ALL Americans. For example, The Honorable Congressman [John] Lewis’ historical contributions to the Civil Rights struggles in America should be recognized publicly in the immediate future.

As the Governor of the State of Maine so eloquently stated recently, Congressman Lewis should recognize the historical accomplishments of the Republican Party to African-Americans, Democracy in America, and to the World, starting with the historical contributions of President Abraham Lincoln among which was the Emancipation Proclamation, January 1, 1863; his drafting of the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution ratified 1865; the Republicans who sponsored, authored and ratified the 14th Amendment, ratified 1868, and 15th Amendment, ratified, 1870 et seq.

President Lincoln, a Republican, also led and won the Civil War that ended legalized slavery in America. Republicans, who authored and sponsored the Post-Civil War Civil Rights legislation and the like should constantly be recognized by all African-Americans. (Team Trump, American and World Democracy???)

Please see the enclosed speech I respectfully and humbly delivered at the 2nd Katie Hall Educational Foundation, Inc., Public Service Awards Luncheon on April 5, 2014, at the Gary Genesis Center, Gary, Indiana, entitled: “Deacon-Atty-Dr. Hall’s comments in Defense of the KHEF, Inc., Award to Former President Ronald Reagan, a Republican, at the 3rd KHEF, Inc., Scholarship and Public Service Awards Luncheon.”

That speech explains in more detail how many local citizens opposed the Katie Hall Foundation for awarding posthumously The Honorable President Ronald Reagan the High Profile and Distinguished Award for signing the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Holiday Law, H. R. 3706, AKA as “The King Bill” November 2, 1983.

The speech immediately quelled many vociferous, vitriolic, and vehement negative comments against me and the Katie Hall Educational Foundation, Inc. Attorney Junifer Hall, JD, MPA, MBA, CEO and Founding President of the Foundation, sustained substantial vituperative, invective, and vitriolic comments about the Public Service Award being presented to Former President Reagan posthumously.

President Reagan’s signing of the Congresswoman Katie Hall Bill was not only “A Giant step for African-Americans, but it was a quantum leap for Americans in general, and Democracy in America and around the World.”

  1. Secondly, I, again humbly suggest that The Affordable Care Act AKA “ObamaCare,” be “Reviewed, Reaffirmed, Reorganized, Revised and/or Amended” instead of being repealed, replaced [and remonstrated against]. The Act should be reviewed to determine which provisions should be reaffirmed and which provisions should be revised and/or readjusted for unification of our beloved nation, and not remonstrate so scurrilously against. “Why attempt to reinvent the wheels???”
  2. As you have so wisely historically demonstrated over the years and so aptly stated in your Inauguration Delivery, and I paraphrase, We should think big and dream even bigger, and act wiser, more justly, fairer, more impartially and more equally. “Equal justice under the law,” is the Attorney John Henry Hall Law Office slogan, as well as the slogan of the Congresswoman Katie Hall Educational Foundation, Inc.
  3. May God continue to shower abundant blessings upon you, your beloved family, staff, cabinet, America and the world.

Humbly and Respectfully Submitted,

Deacon-Atty. John Henry Hall, J. D., Ed.D., LL.MJ

Legal Advisor and Chaplain for the Katie Hall Educational Foundation, Inc.


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