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OpEd: Mr. Trump, I cannot hear what you say for seeing what you are doing

By Rev. Dr. Harold E. Bailey

Mr. Trump, respectfully, it is Too Little and Too Late for you to stand in the White House Rose Garden, spit in the face of taxpayers while telling them it is raining. Damage to this country is set forth by your daily texting subliminal messages. Messages that are forwarded to deviates and hate groups to harm United States’ minorities. Your funneling directives under the cloak of texting is done while thousands have died at the hands of murderers following your directives! The Trump administration replicating the most sophisticated mob ever has caused irreplaceable ills to the U.S. Black family. Those following your leadership should know that they will sooner than later reap all of what they have sown.

As the leader of these Not-So-United-States, your actions of not opposing diabolical measures in this country have allowed the seed of content- ion to be rooted! The unprofessional demeanor of your occupying the highest seat in the land has caused strife, grief and immeasurable anguish to families who have suffered a loss of loved ones.

Mr. Trump, it is essential to mention that Americans are not standing alone against the deceptions of your administration, because enormous families around the world honestly grieve with us. Millions of humans have watched what has come out of the House that Slaves built, which denotes that your ideologies are not in tune with the 21st century.

Mr. Donald J. Trump, your grief regarding America and its citizens is superficial; it has always been about you, your family, and no one else! Now you say it is time for Healing!  Well, your methodology of Healing is questionable! Healing therapeutically coupled with restoration does not cross your desk. Does your healing process include citizens forgiving you and your family members who have raped this country of its morals, decency, and finance? The public speaks of Healing while you labor tirelessly with other foreign countries to harbor ill will to enlarge your hidden financial accounts. And now you wish to have a Healing? Where is the honest restoration, Mr. Trump?

Mr. Trump, in my humble opinion, you have slept with the enemy as you ignorantly or purposely destroyed the friendship of the United States with other countries who have befriended us. It has been revealed that many elected legislators have slept along with you while winking at your skepticism. I hasten to point out that all your steps indicate An Act of Treason!

By and large, Blacks are no longer victims of political deceptions, for we have learned the tricks of the enemy. Your desperate pleas to the Black community and for their support is perceived as yet another blatant act of deception! And, because of your prevarications, your previous lies, lies, and more lies, speak volumes. What are sane persons now to believe?

In this time in space, you have chosen to believe that Blacks are absolutely debilitated and have no abilities to think—as you once said over a hot-mic. Quite frankly, your ideologies have not changed but have been enhanced by those who now share your outright bigotry.

Trump, you had an opportunity to be honest and to render public services for which you were elected. But you, from day one and without hesitation, choose to obey the dictates of supremacy groups. These are the groups who have sought to destroy the very fabric of this United States. And again, you have slept with foreign enemies more than a few times; this way your careless political actions have caused shame to peace-loving citizens. Few countries stand with the U.S. in solidarity because of you. You not researching the constitution and reading the letter of the law bring about an abundance of embarrassment. In acts of ignorance, you have falsely implemented the written rules.

President Trump, I trust you can see that the world is suffering because of the mistreatment of Black Americans. They have lost loved ones to the coronavirus and have lost others to massive police brutality. With all these aggravations you have inflicted upon Blacks, you now say it is time to heal!  Your demeanor and presentation toward Blacks in public service is a disgrace. Such examples are women and men being treated as subservient to you via the press and other public services.

God can only render the process of Healing. And the first step in that process is for an individual to first come to themselves and second want to repent, which means to turn from wicked ways and become Godly sorrowful for the deeds executed in the body/flesh. Mr. Trump, I do not believe you can or can become ready to repent, for you are the one to spend eternity in The Pits of Hell.

The blood of this nation and deaths of its many citizens are on your hands! Trump Republicans will also reap great sorrow for following your commands to grease their coffers.

Working with youth filtering through the criminal justice system for more years than I have fingers and toes has taught me that youth emulate that which they see. Your actions have caused many to stray from the paths of righteousness while in effect saying, “If President Trump can do these ills and he’s the chief, so can I.” Your faulted and failed theories of thought are not acceptable and a demeaning stance for those seeking to bring about the positive measures in this country.

I, like others, do not forget the hundreds of distractions uttered from your mouth that have brought a first for us. This country has never had a man at the helm that was president for only a small segment of people. You are to be the president for not some but all U.S. citizens.

As you ridicule the former President Barack Obama with tons of purposed lies, your fiery darts against Obama are now returning to you, as you are suffering consequences, and you are now reaping your harvest.

Rev. Dr. Harold E. Bailey, President, Probation Challenge – The Truth Network

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