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One Bedroom looks at a broken relationship amid rental woes

By Elaine Hegwood Bowen, M.S.J.
Breaking Glass Pictures has acquired North American rights to “One Bedroom,” the topical, authentically intimate drama, which is now out on DVD & VOD, after having enjoyed a theatrical opening in Los Angeles.
Described to be “at times, hilarious and sad…both a great Brooklyn film and a great story about the joy and pain of relationships” (Film Threat) powered by “two terrific performances and a sentimental yet brutally honest heart” (That Moment In), “One Bedroom” premiered at the Tallahassee Film Festival, where it won the Audience Award. It went on to have a healthy festival life, including being official selections at the Brooklyn Film Festival, Bushwick Film Festival, and New Voices in Black Cinema, where Darien Sills-Evans won Best Director at Austin Revolution Film Festival. The film stars Stephen Hill (Magnum P.I.), Jade Johnson (Luke Cage), alongside Sills-Evans.
“I’m very grateful to Breaking Glass Pictures and thrilled that One Bedroom will be seen by more people”, said Sills-Evans. “This project has been a labor of love and we’re fortunate to be with a distributor who really embraced us.”
54D64B22 C525 49FA B943 A2F6E25E1AFCIn “One Bedroom,” Sills-Evans combines humor and drama to create a portrait of a relationship at the end of its journey. Set in a gentrifying Brooklyn neighborhood, the whirlwind tale of Melissa and Nate’s courtship is told through vivid flashbacks. Melissa and Nate have been through a lot together, but sometimes Black Love gets broken. One Bedroom: Love Means Never Having to Give Up Your Apartment.
“Director Darien Sills-Evans has made a truly special film,” said Breaking Glass CEO Rich Wolff. “While a small film, it fills a big footprint, with smart dialog and an authentic look at relationships today.”
This film was an eye opener, in that in some rental markets, especially gentrifying areas, folks have to work hard at keeping up with their rent—if they are not fortunate enough to own. In this case, Melissa and Nate have reached the end of their “tolerance” ropes with one another and have called it quits. Their union made it very easy to live in a great New York neighborhood, while each could satisfy their artistic yearnings in their chosen professions. Their romance and good times together are played out in sequences, but Nate’s infidelity is really what is crushing this love story.
IMG 0234He tries to hold on and persuade Melissa to stay, but her friend and relative who arrive to help her move convince her that breaking up, finding her own apartment and leaving this prime property—which is actually owned by Nate’s mother—is the perfect solution to their problems.
All told, “One Bedroom” shows a great, modern, Black love story that comes to a grinding halt due to an age old issue—infidelity. For more information, visit

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