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October is Eat Better, Eat Healthy Month! Let’s Eat Healthy!

I had no idea that October was Eat Better, Eat Together Month, but once I found out, I knew I had to share this information with my faithful readers. Life moves a whole lot faster than that of days long gone. Technology has totally changed the way we view meal time.

On-the-go options like UberEats, fast food restaurants on every other corner and our non-stop, busy schedules contribute not only to unhealthy eating, but cut into the opportunities for families to come to the table for a healthy meal together. Eat Better, Eat Healthy Month was created to remind us to pause and make time for what’s really important – our families and our health.

Here are a few fun and easy ways to celebrate throughout October:

Prepare a meal as a family. The kitchen is often the place where the magic in our families happens. We tend to meet up, talk, laugh, and most important get our food in the kitchen. Why not capitalize on some special moments by selecting a simple, healthy recipe and preparing it as a family? Make sure everyone has a meaningful task that contributes to the end result. Once dinner is done, sit down TOGETHER and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Switch up the menu with new recipes. Solicit healthy menu options from every family member. Ask each person to submit at least two new ideas. Place the recipes in a jar then pick one out each week. The anticipation of what’s for dinner takes on a whole new twist! This tradition can last beyond October and extend into the holidays!

Select a restaurant with healthy options for family night. Not cooking tonight? That’s ok. Round up the family and decide on a new restaurant that offers some healthy eats. Do your research! Look up the menu and read some reviews so you can be prepared for the culinary experience. This represents another chance to spend quality time together and build on the habit of healthy eating.

I am sure that you have a few ideas of your own to celebrate Eat Better, Eat Healthy Month, and I’d love to hear them!

Be sure to post them on my social media pages (FB, Twitter and LinkedIn) so we can all benefit! If you’re looking for healthy breakfast menu options in Northwest Indiana, check out J’s Breakfast Club, 3669 Broadway in Gary. Their healthy menu was developed by yours truly and is Dr. Seabrook approved!

Have fun eating healthy with your families, and remember, your health matters!

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