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North Carolina throws out voter ID law targeting African-Americans

By Rachaell Davis,

The increase in cases to challenge the often discriminatory practices associated with recently implemented voter ID laws has steadily continued over the past few years and now the courts have thrown out the law in yet another state.

According to The New York Times, a federal appeals court found that the North Carolina voter ID legislation “targets African-Americans with almost surgical precision.” As a result of the court’s findings that the law would blatantly make it more difficult for African-Americans to vote, thus reducing the Black vote in the upcoming presidential election this November, the voting power of Black North Carolina citizens remains intact.

North Carolina is the second state to have a Republican-backed voter ID law that deliberately targets people of color blocked this month. Last week, a federal appeals court also blocked the voter ID law in Texas after determining that the law would prevent a disproportionately large number of Black and Latino residents from being able to vote.

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