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‘Nobody’s Fool’ delivers laughs and Haddish’s animated brand of comedy

“Nobody’s Fool” is a fun movie that has many layers that are slowly unpeeled in this latest offering from Tyler Perry. The film stars Tiffany Haddish, Tika Sumpter, Omari Hardwick, who plays Frank; Whoopi Goldberg as Lola and Amber Riley, who plays Kalli, all mixed in with surprise cameos.

The primary plot covers Haddish’s release from jail after five years. Her character, Tanya, has a bougie sister named Danica, played by Sumpter, who is a rising star at an advertising agency. Their mother played by Goldberg is in her own little world harvesting weed for personal use and simply can’t bear to have Tanya live with her. Consequently, Tanya moves in with Danica and brings her ghetto personality with her. As the movie unfolds, the two sisters are in good standing one day and the next they are travelling along a rocky road.

I love seeing Whoopi do her thing in any movie, and she doesn’t disappoint in “Nobody’s Fool.” She has two daughters whose paternal connections she doesn’t remember. She is laid back and happy that she doesn’t have to have much personal connection with Tanya, played by Haddish. However, when the sisters reach out to her, she is all in with motherly advice.

And who doesn’t love seeing Hardwick in any role? In this film, he owns a coffee shop, placing his life on a more positive track after having serv- ed time himself. He hires Tanya, probably because he can relate, and partly because he is in love with Danica. She won’t give him the time of day, because she is at first glance being cat fished by someone whom she has met online. Tanya’s mission is to find out who this man is that has her sister’s unrelenting attention—in addition to making sure that Frank and Danica hook up.

Omari Hardwick Tiffany Haddisk and Tika Sumpter
OMARI HARDWICK AS Frank, and Tanya and Danica review Tanya’s skills as a barista in a scene from “Nobody’s Fool.”

In my opinion, this film was promoted to the hilt, and some of Haddish’s better comedic lines had been played over and over during television commercials, which landed them flat when they are finally heard in the movie. Another observation is that there was much gratuitous sex in “Nobody’s Fool.” I am not saying that sexual situations are bad for a movie, but some of the scenes in this movie could have been toned down a bit. Speaking of which, there is simply too much cursing and adult situations and dialogue that are not suitable for children!

As I mentioned earlier, the layers are unpeeled in this romantic comedy. Danica finds out the truth about her man; Frank learns how to protect his heart along the way. Tanya plays little sister and sleuth all in one package. Finally, Whoopi is able to bring the two feuding sisters back together.

“Nobody’s Fool” is an entertaining movie, although I think it runs too long. However, it not only shows off the star’s (Haddish) comedic skills (which I find over the top in many cases), but it is a film that also shines the spotlight on Whoopi. It is another offering in the Tyler Perry canon that is moving away from the “Madea” movies that he says will finally come to an end next year. “Nobody’s Fool” is playing in theaters everywhere; and while reportedly it only came in third in the Yahoo box office take for its first weekend, Haddish and the cast will keep you laughing.

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