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New spirituality book is encouraging to abuse victims

Emily Just announces publication of ‘Letters from Emily.’

The journal entries from her abusive marriage were the catalyst for Emily Just’s new book, “Letters from Emily: A Christian Woman’s Journey from Abuse to Freedom with Hope—Joy—Blessing” (published by WestBow Press). The book shares Just’s journey and encourages victims of abuse to embrace God to help find a way out.

The book, “Letters from Emily” candidly shares a Christian woman’s path from the darkness and pain of abuse to eventual freedom with hope, joy and blessing. Just shares her experience with Angela, another woman in an abusive relationship, by writing 47 letters to her. Each addresses a concern or topic to help, comfort, encourage and empower.

“As I struggled with abuse and searched for help, I mostly found literature by therapists, counselors, and pastors which told of individuals and situations second-hand,” Just explains. “This book is deeply personal and is first-hand. This leaves less to be lost in translation. It is autobiographical. Forgive the pun, but it is the story of a big part of my life written by the ‘liver.’ It candidly acknowledges the reality of an abusive relationship in a graceful and kind way. It offers hope and encouragement which is uplifting and empowering.”

The 130 page book,“Letters from Emily” by Emily Just, can be purchased in Hardcover [ISBN 9781512785678], Softcover [ISBN 9781512785432] or as an E-book [ISBN 9781512785449]. It is also available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

About the Author

Emily Just is a semi-retired teacher and former editor of an educational research journal. Just has written curriculum for K-12 and college students. She has also written for a nationally published professional magazine. Just enjoys writing letters and journaling. More information is available at:


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