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New book “Behind the Collar” reveals abuse of a “preacher’s kid”

Author Karen Dade offers insight and inspiration to readers who hide pain and  suffer in silence

Karen L. Dade is many things–minister, health enthusiast, radio host and actress to name a few. Recently, she expanded her wheelhouse of talent to include the creativity of print. This notable elder in the church is peeling back the layers and exposing the darkest times of her life in her memoir “Behind the Collar.”

“I kept those dark secrets of abuse packed away for decades,” said Dade. “My memories of being molested didn’t resurface until I was 40 years old. As the vision became clearer, I knew I had to write about it to help others overcome being victims and become victors like me.”

After marking her 56th birthday earlier this month, Dade continues to celebrate the milestone with a book release/signing for “Behind the Collar” on December 14, 2019 from 6:00 p.m.–8:00 p.m. at New Hope Too, 6634 Calumet Avenue, Hammond, IN. (The birthday celebration will continue until 11:00 p.m.) Tickets are $25 and available on Eventbrite: Behind the Collar. Entry includes a signed copy of the book, light refreshments and networking with the author.

Growing up as a preacher’s kid, Dade’s testimony is rather shocking as she reveals that life wasn’t all holy and protected as many would assume. The catalyst to the controversial conversations of life after divorce, molestation and abuse, it is Dade’s desire and prayer that her story will provide deliverance and healing to those with similar narratives.

This story is unvarnished, taking the covers off the peaks and valleys, the highs and lows, and the dependencies that plagued Dade. She speaks on abuse from the men in her life as well as shedding the light on her self-inflicted exploitations. In the book, Karen Dade shares a raw, graphic and real account of her encounters and relationships with males beginning at age 12.

Sharing her story through ministry she has seen how impactful her testimony has been to so many around her. Empowering those to stand boldly against anything and anyone that would bring harm, her book will inspire any person feeling bound.

“Behind the Collar” offers all who have endured and survived abuse both hope and the promise of redemption. This is a story that will not be easily forgotten.


Karen Dade is a speaker, teacher, singer, actress and comedian. The talented artist has enjoyed writing poetry for years. Her body of work has now evolved to reach new audiences.

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