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Never too late to finish high school

(NAPS)—For many adults, passing a high school equivalency test (such as the GED® test) is the first step toward a better job, a college degree and a brighter future. Last year, adults in the U.S. who had a high school diploma or equivalent earned nearly $10,000 per year more than those without a high school diploma, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The unemployment rate was also lower for those who had a high school degree. Finishing high school is impor­tant, and free adult education classes are the best place to start. If you or someone you care about is thinking of finishing high school, there is more support than you may realize. You can find free test prep classes near you by entering your zip code at

Free Classes Are Available

Before taking a high school equivalency test, it’s best to prepare by taking classes. In most areas, nonprofits and literacy centers offer free classes to help prepare for the official test. Each adult education center will work with new students to place them in the right classes and create a custom learning plan. Teachers and tutors in each program help students learn the material and support them as they earn their diploma. Each test also offers at least one retake in case someone doesn’t pass the first time. provides more information on what to expect.

Finish Your Diploma

The Finish Your Diploma campaign, created by the Dollar General Literacy Foundation and the Ad Council, has helped more than 900,000 people find free adult education classes across America since 2010. The support of family, friends and local centers can help in a big way. New PSAs celebrate hardworking people and families who improved their education, highlighting how no one gets a diploma alone. “As people consider finishing their diploma, the biggest challenge can be simply knowing where to go for support and having the courage to take the first step,” says Denine Torr of the Dollar General Literacy Foundation. “We hope the campaign inspires and empowers people to pursue their dreams through education.”

Share Your Story and Support

Finish Your Diploma also launched a new Instagram channel to support and inspire people to get their diplomas. The #HatsOffToYou promotion asks people to join in celebrating adults graduating across the U.S. through a celebratory toss of any hat representing the iconic graduation hat toss. People are asked to share a video or photo of themselves tossing a graduation cap, baseball cap or any other hat into the air on social media using the hashtag. Recent graduates are also encouraged to share their stories to inspire others around the country.

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