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Navy Veteran and Retired Doctor Shares Powerful Message of Perseverance

By all accounts, Dr. Tiffanie Tate Moore shouldn’t be where she is to­day. Born and raised in Compton, she has survived being shot in the back during a drive-by shooting, serving in the U.S. Navy during the Global War on Terrorism, pericar­ditis and a respiratory code.

After a hand injury forced her to retire from her beloved job as an OB/GYN in 2019, Dr. Moore faced yet another challenge.

“Who was I without my profes­sion?” she queried. “After spending more than half of my life working toward and achieving my goal of be­coming a physician, I went through a depression.”

Dr. Moore immersed herself in her children, her church and her so­rority. Her injuries coupled with six surgeries in two years left her with mobility limitations and chronic pain. And yet, she continues to walk in half-marathons despite tremen­dous physical discomfort.

The ability to overcome seeming­ly insurmountable hurdles seems to be woven into Dr. Moore’s DNA. But she says she draws her strength and resilience from a much more powerful force.

“God is still speaking to us in this day and age; we just need to open our spiritual eye and ear to see and hear Him,” Dr. Moore says.

In addition to leaning on her faith, Dr. Moore began writing as an outlet for her emotions. Her new book, FloweTry: A Collection of 108 Poetic Flows on Life, Love, and Liturgical Issues, candidly and poignantly dives into the topics of our times, including COVID, pol­itics, Black history and police bru­tality. She also speaks of love and community, and includes an en­tire section of verses intended to encourage readers to take a closer walk with Christ.

Dr. Tiffanie Tate Moore is a first-time author from Compton, Cal­ifornia. She is a graduate of UC Santa Barbara where she earned her Bachelor of Science degree in cel­lular and developmental biology, with a Black studies minor. After earning her medical doctorate de­gree from Meharry Medical College and completing her OB/GYN In­ternship at Naval Medical Center San Diego, she went on to serve as a General Medical Officer for the Sea Bees. She served during Operation Enduring Freedom and the Glob­al War on Terrorism. Dr. Moore completed her obstetrics and gy­necology residency at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nash­ville, Tennessee, and practiced for 20 years before sustaining a hand injury that led to her medical retirement. Her life experiences, including those she’s shared with her friends, have overflowed into FloweTry.

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