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My Day at the home + housewares show – IT’S SMART!!!

I love the tradeshows that come to Chicago. There are so many new and interesting things to see, things to taste, and I always triple my daily steps.

Recently the international home + housewares show “IT’S SMART” was at McCormick Place, as member of the media I was able to go and see all the great and innovative things coming to a standing or online store near you. This was the 122 convening of this show and thousands of exhibitors were ready to tell us about the new and latest things

These kind of trade shows can be overwhelming so armed with my map and my good friends Art “Chatdaddy” Sims host of Real Talk on WVON and West who owns his own business, we set off to take in all the products.

First stop was the Smart Home Pavilion. The exhibitors there had products designed to run your home and appliances from anywhere. I’m sure you could be on the moon and be able to lock your doors, turn on your appliances, get an X-ray and do your grocery shopping with a touch from your phone or tablet. One of the vendors that really impressed me was b8ta. They had a language translator that caught my eye. It’s a good thing you can’t buy things on the spot at this show.

The South Building had everything kitchen and dining. Beautiful dinner ware, all types of glassware, different types of cookware and wine accessories. This is where the Cooking Theater was set up and we watched in awe as celebrity chefs Rick Bayless, Emeril Lagasse, and Robert Irvine (just to name drop a few) wowed us with their culinary talents.

We tasted some of the best olive oil and balsamic vinegar from Olivelle. I tried a very spicy sriracha balsamic vinegar and a smooth Italian olive oil. It’s interesting is to hear the stories behind how these businesses came to be and how the products are made.

If you are into aged alcohol Dean Chapman from Prepara should us how to take an inexpensive bottle of bourbon and age it in 24 hours. I don’t drink but it sounded impressive. He also had a chef that made the best mini tacos. Yummy.

Temm Vester was from Flatboxx Services and he showed us how a lunch box could fold out to become a placemat, so your food never touches the counters.

As we were leaving with twenty thousand plus steps on our Fitbit, we stopped at the VCNY Home booth to look at the bedwear. In speaking with Daniel, he explained that after the show is over they donate all their goods to the Chicago Battered Women’s Shelter and/or people in need. I thought that was a great gesture.

There were so many get things to see and learn at the international home + housewares show. When I go in a store or on line to shop, I’m sure I would have seen many of the products, some before anyone else.

Until next time keep your EYE to the sky!

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