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Multiple women accuse Morgan Freeman of inappropriate behavior, sexual harassment

By Sydney Scott,

Multiple women have come forward to accuse actor Morgan Freeman of inappropriate behavior and sexual harassment.

In a report from CNN, eight women say they were victims of Freeman’s harassment, while eight others say they witnessed the actor’s inappropriate behavior. Overall, 16 people described a disturbing pattern of behavior by Freeman on set and during film promotion.

Seven of the accusers say that Revelations Entertainment, Freeman’s production company, included an environment of harassment. One employee was allegedly the target of demeaning comments from Freeman, while another alleged that Lori McCreary, co-president of the Producers Guild of America and co-founder of Revelations Entertainment, made discriminatory remarks about a job candidate.

A production assistant who worked on 2015’s Going In Style, which starred Freeman, Michael Caine, and Alan Arkin, also alleges that the actor repeatedly made comments on her figure and attire, adding that he would place his hand on her lower back or rub her lower back.


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