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MSNBC pushes narrative that police may have planted gun on Keith Lamont Scott

By Christian Datoc,

MSNBC’s Joy Ann Reid pushed the narrative Friday that Charlotte police may have planted a gun on Keith Lamont Scott after shooting and killing him.

Reid posted several screenshots from the video that Scott’s family released Friday to Twitter.

“One reason to be very skeptical about the police account is that in the Walter Scott shooting, there appeared to have been a planted gun,” Reid wrote, referencing the 2015 shooting in North Charleston, S.C.

On air, MSNBC’s Cal Perry played a slow-motion clip from the video of police appearing to throw an object on the ground.

“We have circled this item on the ground,” he told the audience. “You see the item flicks out. There it is. There is one item on the ground.”

“We are, at this point, simply not going to speculate” about those items, he said.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department did not immediately return The Daily Caller’s request for comment.


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