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‘Moving Past PTSD’ addresses challenges facing veterans

A recent CBS ‘60 Minutes’ segment hailed a simple procedure therapy for PTSD that’s so fast-acting, many believe it could be a game changer.

With more than 20 veterans a day committing suicide, we owe these brave heroes a better chance at transitioning to civilian life. No one understands this better than Retired Lieutenant Colonel Jaime B. Parent, who has been working on new approaches for returning vets in his latest book, “Moving Past PTSD: Consciousness, Understanding, and Appreciation for Military Veterans and their Families.”

In this compelling new book, with a foreword written by Congressman Danny K. Davis, the author outlines ways for integrating family into the healing process, advanced PTSD treatments and insights into hiring veterans, all told through impactful, often deeply personal interviews with veterans suffering from PTSD, their loved ones, clinicians and job recruiters.

From World War I through the present, the United States has neglected to provide adequate transition support to millions of veterans leaving military service. Instead of meaningful jobs, access to quality healthcare and education, and fair and equitable housing, what our veterans find when they return home is a new battle — against a failed bureaucracy that has let them down for the past 100 years.

As a nation, our misguided perception is that GI Joe and Jane can simply return home and pick up right where they left off. In truth, the military member who deployed overseas is often markedly different than the one coming home. The Joe and Jane who joined the military in the first place are gone, and they’re not coming back.

After months or years in highly structured organizational environments, often with deployments and horrific battlefield experiences, many military veterans have undergone paradigm shifts in their thinking, their character, and in the way they view themselves and others.

In his compelling new book, Moving Past PTSD: Consciousness, Understanding, and Appreciation for Military Veterans and Their Families, retired Lieutenant Colonel Jaime B. Parent tackles many issues facing our nation’s veterans, including mental illness, unemployment, discrimination, and many other challenges related to transitioning to civilian life.

Using thought-provoking interviews with veterans, caregivers and family members, Lt. Col. Parent hopes to break the relentless cycle of misunderstanding that prevents far too many veterans from successfully reintegrating themselves into family lives and careers. Moving Past PTSD aims to change our understanding of who the 21st century veteran is. Through this understanding, we can change their lives — and the lives of those who love them — for the better.

Author Jaime B. Parent is a retired Lieutenant Col- onel, Biomedical Science Corps, United States Air Force. He continues to serve by creating a unique fast track IT career internship, the EN-Abled Vet (, which has been adopted across 15 states. Lt. Col. Parent is a passionate advocate for inclusive communities. He now writes about his experiences with his fellow veterans. He is also a sought-after speaker at veterans and disability events as well as conferences in healthcare, cybersecurity and artificial intelligence.

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Moving Past PTSD: Consciousness, Understanding, and Appreciation for Military Veterans and their Families is published by Rowman & Littlefield. Although it is schedule for release on August 14, 2019, pre-orders are being accepted at

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