Mother of rapper killed in Gold Coast calls for peace

Carlton Weekly

Following her second loss of a child she asks to ‘put the guns down, so that the generation of tomorrow can grow and live long and healthy lives’

By Patrick Forrest

The mother of Carlton Weekly, better known by his stage name FBG Duck, called for peace after her son was shot and killed in the Gold Coast neighborhood.

The call comes after comments by Mayor Lori Lightfoot that labeled the rapper as a member of a gang who “fancies himself a rapper,” a description the family refutes.

“I am asking that his fans, friends of my son, to please not seek retaliation in the death of my son,” said LaSheena Weekly, who has now lost two of her children to gun violence. “As his mother, I want to say please put the guns down, so that the generation of tomorrow can grow and live long and healthy lives.”

Despite the references to gangs and guns in his music and videos, the 26-year-old’s mother did not feel it appropriate that the mayor would make comments that would tarnish his character in that way.

“To assassinate his character as if he was this gang-banging thug, running around Chicago terrorizing communities, is an outright lie,” LaSheena Weekly said.

Many others in his family came forward in an attempt to paint a fuller picture of the young man that was taken from them at the age of 26, on August 4.

“He was an example of making a difference. He came from nothing, and he made something,” said his aunt, Betty Weekly. “He was legit. He was a working man.”

In a separate interview, Chicago rapper Lupe Fiasco also feared that the music that FBG Duck was known for may have had an influence in his death.

“I hope that’s not the case, but I mean, this is what it is in the city,” Fiasco, who was born Wasalu Muhammad Jaco, said. “The issue is that you wanna listen to ’em, at least for me, and vibe with what they sayin’ but so much of their music is about killing people [and] bragging about actual murders.”

In his latest release before his death, FBG Duck seemingly raps about the death of rival gang members Odee Perry and James Johnson, who were both killed in 2017.

“You can’t really go 100 percent in with them,” Fiasco said. “You can’t ride down the street bumping their music ’cause you go through the wrong neighborhood and they talkin’ about killing BDs and they talkin’ about killing GDs and it’s just like, Damn, man. I don’t think people understand that.”

In an abundance of caution in preventing a retaliatory shooting, police announced an increased police presence in multiple areas.

“We’re putting extra resources in the areas where we think there might be retaliation just as a precautionary measure,” said Deputy Chief Daniel O’Shea.

Despite that announcement as well as a mass shooting that took place outside of a funeral home late last month, which many believe was retaliation for gang violence, some officers will be staying home and attempting to avoid the work altogether.

“This might be the weekend where we just spend time with our family, that we decide that we’re going to have something in the backyard and spend quality time with our family and let things cool off,” Officer Glen Brooks said.

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  1. In these bloody days and frightful nights when an urban warrior can find no face more despicable than his own, no ammunition more deadly than self-hate and no target more deserving of his true aim than his brother, we must wonder how we came so late and lonely to this place.

    — Maya Angelou


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