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Mosley urged to exit 21st Ward race after lying about Morehouse degree

Photo caption: Ronnie Mosley

An opponent of 21st Ward aldermanic candidate Ronnie Mosley is demanding he drop out of the race after being accused of lying about earning a degree from prestigious HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) Morehouse College.

In the upcoming election, Mosley will face retired firefighter Cornell Dantzler, who believes his opponent is unfit to run for office.

Mosley, a former political advisor to Governor JB Pritzker, still claims to have a Morehouse degree on his resumé on LinkedIn, despite the historically Black institution confirming he did not graduate.

At a downtown press conference. Dantzler called Mosley “Chicago’s Black Santos,” referencing the New York congressman who exaggerated his credentials when running for office. Details of Mosley’s alleged deception came to light as a result of a Crusader investigation into Mosley’s academic background.

“America was hit very hard with the unpleasant news of New York Congressman George Santos in his deplorable misrepresentation of his resumé and work history. Unfortunately, the lies were uncovered after he was elected,” Dantzler said. “Mr. Mosley has a chance to really do the honorable thing by withdrawing his candidacy and maintaining himself some form of dignity, respect and integrity.”

The Crusader investigation revealed that Mosley never graduated from Morehouse College. Following a verification check, Morehouse said Mosley was enrolled in the school from 2009 to 2018 but never earned a bachelor’s degree in Urban Studies Management, as he claims on his resumé on his LinkedIn account, political mailers and his campaign website. Morehouse also confirmed Mosley was never an Adams Scholar as claimed on his resumé.

During a press conference on March 9 outside City Hall, Dantzler and his supporters demanded Mosley drop out of the race and accused the Simeon High School graduate of being enrolled at Morehouse for just one semester.

“It is shameful, the numerous misrepresentations and questions concerning Mr. Mosley’s resumé,” Dantzler said.

“For months he has boasted of his degree from the prestigious Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia. However, we have now learned through a media publication that Morehouse confirms that Mosley never received a degree from the HBCU institution and only was enrolled for ONE semester.”

Mosley admitted on radio station WVON 1690 and ABC7 Chicago he attended Morehouse but did not graduate from the HBCU institution.

The ABC7 story shows a photo of Mosley’s website where he claims he “completed his studies” at Morehouse. On WVON 1690, Mosley failed to explain why his questionnaire for an endorsement from the Chicago Tribune said he was a Morehouse College graduate, when he falsely claimed that he never presented himself as one during his political campaign.

Sources have since told the Crusader that Mosley’s supporters advised him not to claim a Morehouse degree on his resumé. Sources also said Mosley was also advised not to go on WVON, where he insinuated on air that the Crusader conspired with opponent Preston Brown to smear his name.

In one post on social media, Mosley said, “Wild speculation isn’t journalism, and I won’t be intimidated by political agents posing as reporters.”

The Crusader stands by the validity of the story, based on information provided by Morehouse College’s Registrar’s Office and school officials.

After the Crusader broke the story, Mosley received support from dozens of family members who attended his aldermanic forums and events.

Mosley at one point released a statement claiming he was one class short of graduating. He failed to provide proof or documentation to support this claim.

Despite admitting he never graduated from Morehouse on ABC7 and on WVON, Mosley still maintained the false claims on his resumé on LinkedIn, his website and digital political ads where Mosley says he is a Morehouse alum. Officials from the Morehouse Alumni Association said he is part of the group even though he did not graduate from the school.

Mosley finished first in the aldermanic Primary election, taking 24.96 percent of the vote to Dantzler’s 21.93 percent, according to the Chicago Board of Elections.

Mosley has been endorsed by Governor Pritzker who, one day before the February 28 election, gave a $20,000 campaign donation, weeks after the Crusader questioned the Governor’s office about Mosley’s academic credentials. Alderman Michelle Harris, for whom Mosley once worked, gave him a $5,000 donation on February 15, according to the campaign filings with the Illinois State Board of Elections.

A second part of the Crusader investigation examined Mosley’s work history, detailed on his resumé. That portion claims Mosley worked during his college days at Morehouse, and Mosley had 16 jobs. Some of those jobs Mosley claimed to have worked simultaneously were in two different states, hundreds of miles apart.

In a statement, Dantzler said, “I am grateful, honored and blessed to have received such tremendous support from the voters of the New 21st Ward. This runoff election is not only about the future of the ward, but it is an election about honesty, integrity and transparency. My opponent has failed miserably in his efforts to speak the truth about who he is and his intentions. I have dedicated my entire career to public service. I am energized and prepared for this historic run.”

Retired Cook County Commissioner Deborah Sims has endorsed Dantzler. She said in a statement to the Crusader, “I have known Cornell Dantzler for over three decades. He exemplifies every quality which an alderman should have. His integrity is second to none, his compassion for the ward is unmatched, he is strategic in his planning, and he is a proven ‘best in class’ public servant. He is the breath of fresh air that the 21st Ward needs.”

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