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Money for Amtrak, job training

Students and workers relying on public transportation and employment training are one step closer to having their needs met thanks to legislation that passed out of the Senate on March 17.

The measure would give spending authority to the governor to allow him to honor his contract commitment to Amtrak, while also including funds for higher education, some critical social service programs and other programs and services not receiving funding from court orders or consent decrees.

“Thousands of people across the 4th Senate District rely on Amtrak for work, to see family and get groceries,” Assistant Majority Leader Kimberly A. Lightford (D – Maywood). “Through this legislation, we are keeping transportation, adult and higher education, job training, prostate screenings, local tourism and libraries up and running for the people of this state – all of which are deserving of more than what they are currently receiving.”

The legislation is the Senate’s latest effort to pass funds for budget items not yet dealt with during the budget impasse. Senate Bill 2059 is similar to House budget legislation passed earlier this month (HB 2990), but with spending authority for Amtrak and other critical services added.

The legislation now goes to the House of Representative for further action.


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