A Moment to Super Size Your Thinking


By Effie Rolfe

Lord Help Us—we all have issues—absolutely no one is exempt. I speak from experience, just a few days ago, I found myself discussing a situation that didn’t go too smoothly and ended in an argument. The conversation began discussing a person’s lacks of integrity, as well as the annoying trait of selfishness. However, the more we talked about that person, the more I realized the seemingly unending issues of my own—although somewhat different—yet, just as equally annoying. The names may change—but the people remain the same.

If people knew better, they would do better—there are so many folk who have no idea of how offensive certain actions are and how they directly or indirectly affect one’s character, reputation, family or friends. People can be sincerely wrong, meaning they have every intention of doing right but don’t have a clue of the truth. How do I know, because it took me nearly 40 years to discover my idiosyncrasies and irritating habits that followed me the majority of my life? Even now, I continue to see bad habits and tiny nuisances that have grown into a strong hold that desperately needs to be removed. As a work in progress, when each person strives to do better—the benefits ripple. Just as the chain is only as strong as it’s weakness link, so is the family, the home, the community, the church, the school and the nation.

As the song goes—don’t judge a man unless you have walked in his shoes. Scripture reminds us: Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye (Matthew 7:3 English Standard Version)? Growth and maturation has taught me not to speak ill or condescending of anyone, anytime, anywhere—ever. Now, I wish I could say I stayed true to avoiding useless chatter, but at least, I recognize it’s not the best use of my time. Why? It is by the grace of God that I’m not in the same predicament or even worst than you. Grace and mercy is the reason that I’m not doing, going, being or having the same symptoms and problems as any other troubled soul.

Everyone has their own journey and with the vicissitudes of life—we must learn to carry our own cross. While your cross is different—the load is appropriate according to our spiritual make up and what we can handle. God doesn’t give you any more than you can bear. This is why we can’t judge someone without being in their shoes. Given the same circumstances and experiences, you could very well go the same route. When it all boils down, the truth of the matter is—I can’t talk about anyone. Neither can you.

I can see clearly now that God’s mercy is vital for everyday survival. Just as we stand in need of His fountains of mercy, as much as possible, we should forever be mindful of our need to extend mercy to others without respect of persons or restraint. Go ahead, now is a great time to use the golden rule and bless someone with a dose of mercy—you will find yourself being inevitably blessed as well.

Who have you shown mercy to today…?

Effie Rolfe is an Author of “Supersize Your Thinking”, Media Personality and Motivational Speaker. You can contact her effierolfe.com or effierolfe@gmail.com Listen to her show daily on urbanpraiseradio.org (2015 Stellar Award Winner for Best Internet Radio Station

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