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A Moment to Super Size Your Thinking

By Effie Rolfe

Congratulations to former co-worker and Radio Personality Angela Martin on her new release “You Are My God.” “I’ve been singing for years,” shared Martin, “But when I started doing radio, I didn’t sing as much. I’m gonna’ tell you that doing radio that long, and talking for that long and not singing for that long—takes a toll on you. Now I’m going to be using my singing voice,” she said smiling. You Are My God is a beautiful praise and worship ballad that ushers you into the presence of God. According to Martin, being in God’s presence is how the melody was birthed. “I was in prayer, did some bible study and went into worship,” said Martin. “When I went into worship, I was just telling God that He was my everything. ‘You are my God, You are my everything’ and the lyrics just started coming. Literally, the song was done in 20 minutes.” A lot of times we can make gods out of things,” explained the psalmist who continued, “I believe as human beings, you’re gonna’ worship something. Some people worship their cars. They worship their home, children and you can worship your spouse. You can worship your career. You can be on your grind—trying to make money, moves and networking. Sometimes you will stop and think ‘did I even pray today?’ You Are My God is about making sure that we keep Him in proper perspective. God wants more for you than you could ever want for yourself—trust me. He wants you to have it all, but He just wants to be first.”

Earlier this year, the news of Martin’s retirement took the gospel community by storm as she graciously bowed out into retirement. Her stint of nearly two decades in the Chicago market spanned from WYCA 92.3, 1390AM and V103. Reflecting on her career, Martin shared, “I started with Richard Steele and felt so honored to work with a veteran. To be paired with a living legend was just a thrill. I gleaned from him all that I could. To have Richard Steele on my resume is monumental to me. When Lonnie (Hunter) and John (Hannah) came to the morning it was amazing. It was a joy—a family bond happened. We are still family to this day. I loved working with Tom Joyner—doing traffic on his show listening to him, Sybil and J Anthony—doing traffic on V103 was great to be a part of that national platform. None of it was better than the other. I really don’t compare, they are all different and they are all valuable to me.”

Concerning her retirement, she emphasized, “I don’t do anything unless I’m led of the Lord. I was finished and it was time. There was nothing negative or wrong—I just felt it was time to do it. Whenever something comes to an end there doesn’t have to be anything wrong. So many people are not used to a happy ending—but it doesn’t have to be that way when you’re a Christian.” Martin continued, “When it’s time there will be several confirmations. It’s not from people because nobody knew. You just get alone with God and there are several other things that will bear witness and you will know. You will have peace in your spirit. Your emotions have nothing to do with your decision. This is a decision you make from your soul. It’s made by the spirit of God to your spirit.”

Most people think that when you retire it means that you have to sit down and do nothing,” she said. Although, she is not sure of what is down the road, Martin shows no signs of slowing down. Musically, she feels there are more songs to share. “The gift was there, I didn’t pay as much attention to it. Since I’ve retired, my spirit is open to it. I’ve written several songs. I have more in the vault. The Lord impressed me to release this one. I don’t have a record label or nobody financed it. I just went to God and stepped out on faith. When you step out on faith—when you step out on faith all that you need is there.”

In addition to singing, Martin’s passion for prayer continues, “It’s a wonderful experience when you are one with God. The whole premise of the prayer is to get women to connect with God one on one—you pray individually in a corporate setting,” she said. “Once you connect with God everything in life is going to work out.” Onederful Prayer is held every first Saturday of each month at the New Zion Upper Room Banquet Hall, 1950 W. 13th Street from 9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. Martin is not sure of what’s is down the road. What’s next—it seems the sky is the limit. “I’m opened,” shared Martin, “Stay tuned.” You Are My God is available on and iTunes. Also, for more details visit

©Effie Rolfe is an Author of “Supersize Your Thinking,” Media Personality and Motivational Speaker. You can contact her at or on Listen to her show daily (2015 Stellar Award Winner for Best Internet Radio Station).


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