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Mom of five graduates law school: All things are possible!

By Aria Ellise,

If there’s any doubt that you can accomplish any dream that you set your mind to, no matter the odds, then Ieshia Champs is more than enough inspiration to look to. Champs wanted to be a lawyer since she was 7 years old. In her teenage years, however, the odds began stacking up against her:

Her father was gone.
Her mom was on drugs.
She was homeless.
She was a single mom.

It seemed like every roadblock in life kept coming at her, until a miracle happened.

“I really didn’t have any stable guidance at that time. My mom was addicted to drugs. My dad was deceased. And I was homeless,” Champs told CBS News. “I lived with friends or whoever would take me in. Then I got pregnant with the first of my five children, and things just went from there.”


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