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Mike Bloomberg and Swing Left donate $2M to support efforts in swing states

Financial gift will support organizing and mobilizing volunteers and donors to win critical elections up and down the ballot in 12 battleground states this November

NEW YORK — Today, Mike Bloomberg and Swing Left announced a $2 million donation that will help support the organization’s grassroots organizing efforts in critical races across the country. Swing Left strategically harnesses grassroots energy and channels it to support eventual Democratic nominees in the most competitive races up and down the ballot in 12 key battleground states. Like Mike’s support for House Majority PAC, Fair Fight Action, Collective Future, and Voto Latino, this donation advances his firm commitment to supporting the grassroots organizing and voter mobilization efforts required to help the eventual Democratic presidential nominee defeat Donald Trump in November and ensure Democratic victories up and down the ballot.

Formed in the wake of the 2016 election, Swing Left is a national grassroots organization of more than a million volunteers and donors focused on flipping seats from red to blue and winning Democratic majorities. Swing Left maximizes grassroots impact by connecting people with the smartest ways they can help Democrats win — from wherever they live. Instead of engaging in the primaries, Swing Left organizes and fundraises year-round to give eventual Democratic nominees critical support in their general election battles. In the 2018 midterms alone, the Swing Left community raised more than $11 million, knocked on 5 million doors, and made 2.5 million calls to voters to help 55 Democratic Congressional candidates in 84 Swing Districts win across the country and take back the House.

For this cycle, Swing Left is working to curb the destructive agenda of President Trump and the GOP, and to restore our democracy, by flipping the U.S. Senate and defending the House, winning the state-level races needed to ensure fair maps in the 2021 redistricting — and, of course, taking back the White House. To that end, Swing Left has developed a strategy that focuses the energy and efforts of the grassroots on 12 “Super States” – the key battleground states (AZ, CO, GA, FL, OH, IA, ME, MI, NC, PA, TX, WI) where the target maps to take back the White House, Senate, and key state houses, and where 2020 will be won or lost. Swing Left’s national grassroots community are focusing their efforts on these states, including by conducting in-person, remote, and virtual activities such as letter-writing, phone-banking, voter registration, canvassing, and fundraising.

In 2018, Mike Bloomberg supported 24 Democratic House candidates – 21 of whom were elected – leading to the Democrats retaking the House majority, making Nancy Pelosi the speaker, and allowing the House to begin holding the President accountable through impeachment proceedings.

“I centered my campaign for president around the battleground states our party needs to win in November, and I’m glad to help Swing Left continue the work of organizing voters in those states,” said Mike Bloomberg.  “When supporters wanted to donate to our campaign, I suggested they instead give to groups like Swing Left — because whoever the nominee is, Swing Left can help us achieve our goal: defeating Donald Trump, electing Democrats up and down the ballot, and getting our country back on track. Victory in November starts with doing the work of organizing and registering voters, and that’s why I’m also supporting Voto Latino, Collective Future, Fair Fight Action, and House Majority PAC. This is an all-hands on deck effort, and I’m all-in.”

“This November’s elections are the most critical in a generation, and we’re going to need everyone’s support in order to win big and defeat Donald Trump and the GOP around the country,” said Ethan Todras-Whitehill, Executive Director and Co-Founder of Swing Left. “There’s no time to wait, which is why we’re organizing now to support eventual Democratic candidates in their general election battles. This donation and others like it will help Swing Left continue to fulfill our mission of making it as easy as possible for everyone to have maximum impact on the most important elections up and down the ballot — from wherever you live. We must all work together to help save the country from the forces attacking our democracy.”

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