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Methodist Hospitals 2019 Service Awards 

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Health care is a rewarding career for hundreds of employees

Moments of bravery and unselfishness, and expressions of gratitude to co-workers filled the evening at the 2019 Methodist Hospitals Service Awards Banquet, the hospitals’ most important event of the year.

Methodist Hospitals honored 367 employees who had reached 5-year service milestones of between five years and 40 years, at the ceremony held Friday night at Avalon Banquets.

Ten employees reached the 40 year milestone; 14 reached the 35-year milestone; 21 reached the 30-year milestone; 25 reached the 25-year milestone; 41 have served 20 years; 23 have served 15 years; 76 have served 10 years; and 157 have reached the 5-year milestone.

Four special awards went to Employee of the Year, Leader of the Year, Humanitarian of the Year, and Safety Star of the Year, for serving as examples of Methodist Hospitals values and vision.

Kyle Weisbrodt received the 2019 Employee of the Year Award.

As he was approaching the hospital lobby at the Southlake Campus with his wife and infant child, Weisbrodt heard a man screaming from a nearby car, “Grandpa, grandpa. Are you okay?” Weisbrodt, a RN in the clinical informatics department rushed to the car and his wife went inside to call for help.

Kyle saw the grandfather’s face had turned blue and his breathing was very shallow. Kyle could not detect a pulse and couldn’t move the man. Adjusting the car seat as far back as he could, Kyle began CPR and continued until help arrived. Paramedics found the man’s pulse was strong and took him inside to the emergency room.

Dr. Vincent Sevier presented the award to Weisbrodt, adding the grandfather is doing fine today due to Kyle’s swift assistance and heroic efforts.

IMG 2940 res Mills Sevier Alcorn
WRIGHT ALCORN, Vice President of Operations, left to right, Dr. Vincent Sevier, Vice President and Chief Quality Officer, and Christopher Mills, a 40-year service awardee.

Theresa Hendrickson received the 2019 Safety Star of the Year Award.

Hendrickson, a neonatal nurse at the Northlake Campus Neonatal Intensive Care Unit answered a call from a man who sounded angry. She alerted other staff on the unit of potential danger and notified campus security. When two visitors passed the nursing station, she became concerned that one was the angry father who had just called. Theresa chatted with the man and learned that her suspicions were correct.

The man was getting ready to enter the nursery. Hendrickson blocked the nursery door until security arrived.

Dr. Sevier said Hendrickson’s quick thinking and ability to maintain control prevented a situation that could have turned violent. “Nothing is more important than the safety of our babies. They have no one to defend them but us,” Hendrickson said in accepting the award.

Dana Gore, a 32-year employee was the recipient of the 2019 Humanitarian of the Year award. This award recognizes Methodist employees who go out and make a difference in the surrounding communities.

Two employees received the 2019 Leader of the Year Award. They were Laura Majoch, Assistant Controller and Debra Van Woerden, Assistant Vice President of Operations.

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