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Mercy Hospital doctors seek $100K to honor Purdue grad Tamara O’Neal

USA Today

A group of physicians who were friends of Dr. Tamara O’Neal, one of two Purdue University graduates killed at a Chicago hospital on Monday, are looking to raise $100,000 in her honor to help underrepresented minority medical students at the University of Illinois College of Medicine.

“Nothing prepares one to lay your friend to rest in the middle of an ER shift,” nine physicians who called themselves The OHQ wrote on a crowd-funding site. “But that story is for another day.”

The OHQ, they wrote, stands for “One Hitter Quitters,” phrase they said O’Neal coined for a group of minority doctors and medical students determined to demonstrate excellence by taking tests once, “and only once.” The group, the brain child of O’Neal, includes “young black physicians seeking to make their mark in a world that lacked so few.”

“Tamara was an incredible advocate, particularly for physicians of color or anyone that may have expressed an inkling of doubt,” they wrote, “as her disarming nature and warm smile made it easy for even the shyest aspiring doctor to inquire about the amazing job she loved, and in due time lend herself as a resource.”


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